The Power of Esports: Dota 2 Fans Make Pangolin Rescue Movement

For those who don’t know, Dota 2 have an awful lot hero, one of which is known as Donté Panlin, Pangolier.

Hero was introduced towards the end of 2017 at patch 7.07 and a favorite of the moment patch the.

Pangolier is played in position core (hard carry, mid lane, offlane) which is good as crowd control.

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However, do you know Revival’s friend, that Pangolier or in the real world it is called Pangolin is an endangered animal?

They are threatened with extinction because these animals are considered unique so that humans trade them illegally.

One is in China where citizens still believe that eating rare animals is fine because it tastes good or it will help their health, despite the lack of evidence to support this and the fact that many of the animals are endangered.

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Know about the problem of this endangered animal, fans Dota 2 decided to raise awareness of this Pangolin through thread on Reddit.

As pointed out by many on thread such, people with real power to create power about this is Valve, who introduces the character and can easily create several types of skins or packs where the funds raised will be donated to charity or conservation.

Existence thread This as well as support from Valve demonstrates the strength that esports has to bring attention to causes that are much more diverse than traditional sports, where pangolins rarely appear on the playing field.

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Hopefully, Gaben decides to put in the effort and give a reputable buff to hero Pangolier who will be given to support the campaign to save Pangolins, and Pangolins remain in and outside the universe Dota 2.