The reason Diggie Meta won’t last long in the Mobile Legends scene

Scene Mobile Legends Indonesia is currently being surprised by a new meta that is very unique, namely the Meta Diggie Feeder.

Meta which makes the player a feeder but is very useful for team wins.

We have previously discussed how this meta works in full, but the point is that players who play this meta can see all the movements of the opponent, besides that it can interfere with the movement of the opponent’s core.

But even though it sounds very overpowering, that doesn’t mean this meta can’t be stopped.

There are many ways to counter this ridiculous meta and some of them are very effective.

In addition, there are some players who really don’t like the existence of this meta, they don’t want to see this meta in Mobile Legends even though they play it.

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Here are 2 reasons why this meta diggie won’t last long in the Indonesian Mobile Legends scene.

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meta diggie
Photo via yt RRQ R7

Meta Diggie Boring

The first reason is this meta is so boring, how could it not be? We just have to follow the core of the opponent and die continuously.

This is very boring for players who often play as a core with a mage or support hero.

Many don’t like it

The second and last reason is that many players do not like the existence of this meta.

Regarding this, of course, if players rarely play this meta because they don’t like it, then this meta will disappear by itself in the Mobile Legends scene.

That’s the reason why this meta diggie feeder won’t last long in the Mobile Legends scene.

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