The Reason Why The Raptors Are The First Team To Arrive In Orlando

The Toronto Raptors reportedly arrived in southwest Florida today, they are scheduled to begin their preparations to restart the NBA season next month. If the Raptors could get back to the NBA Finals, they could be in Florida for nearly four whole months. But do you know the reason why the Toronto Raptors are the first team to arrive in Orlando ??

Last season’s NBA champions will begin training for the season to resume this weekend at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, making the school their headquarters until they head to the Disney complex near Orlando, Florida, around July 7. They landed at Fort Myers this afternoon, then took a bus to the team hotel.

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Toronto arrives as Florida is facing a significant spike in positive coronavirus test results over the past week. The Disney complex, about a 2 1/2-hour drive from the Fort Myers area, is set to host the NBA and MLS next month.

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And Orlando withdrew from the upcoming National Women’s Football League tournament today after six players and four staff members tested positive for COVID-19. But what is the reason for the Toronto Raptors being the first team to arrive in Orlando and different from the other 21 NBA teams that will participate in the restart at Disney?

The other teams will train at their home facilities, but as the only NBA team from outside the US, the Raptors will have some logistical difficulties getting the players to gather in Toronto to prepare for a trip to Disney.

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Under Canadian regulations, Raptors players who have been in the US must quarantine for 14 days after they leave Toronto, so the team decided to hold pre-camp workouts in the US. Everything will happen with very strict rules to keep players safe, with access to training very limited only for important team roster.

“In accordance with NBA and team safety protocols, there will be no group training during this phase and strict protocols have been designed to ensure this level of early access will take place in a safe, controlled and healthy manner,” said Raptors in a team statement.

Individual volunteer training resumed this week and Tuesday saw the start of the coronavirus testing being commissioned by the NBA for key players and staff from all of Disney’s 22 existing teams. The Raptors set a 46-18 winning streak when the season was suspended on March 11 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

When matches resume July 30, they will take a three-game lead over the Boston Celtics in the race for No. 2 in the Eastern Conference playoffs. If the Raptors make it to the NBA Finals and if the series lasts a full seven games, they will play in Florida by October 13 at the latest under the current league plans proposed for a restart of the season.

What do you think, is the reason for the NBA to bring in the Raptors, who became the first team in Orlando, right?