The Russian Ministry of Sports Participates in Promoting Esports at the Economic Forum

After the presence of the esports branch at the 2018 Asian Games (Jakarta-Palembang) sports party, this time it was the turn of the government to participate in promoting esports in an economic forum.

Indonesian government? Unfortunately not, but the Russian government is discussing the economic potential in the field of esports.

This happened at the time the Russian economic forum was taking place, to be precise St. Petersburg. Pavel Kolovkob, Minister of Sports in Russia, discussed about it when the panel session on esports started at the beginning of the event.

Apart from Kolovkob, there was the presence of the Secretary General from Russian Esports Federation, Emin Antonyan who also discussed the potential of esports in the future.

The Russian Esports Federation itself has been formed since 2000, then recognized esports as part of the sport since 2001 until it was firmly established in 2016.

Russian Esports Federation.

“We have had a long discussion and we believe we made the right decision. Because it doesn’t really matter who recognizes esports as part of the sport as long as society recognizes it.

Our job is only to organize and bring legality to the business. Helping to develop esports together with all related elements, including the government.

Pavel Kolobkov, Minister of Sports of Russia.

And I believe this is the right moment to say that esports already has an advanced atmosphere, ”said Kolobkov.

Esports panel session with the header ‘Opportunity of New Infrastructure and Technology in Sports‘also started a long discussion regarding the potential of esports in the future.

Russian Economic Forum Panel Discussion.

Kolobkov also said that Olympic Games it can also happen if development (esports) is maintained and continued.

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“Some time ago International Olympic Committee (IOC) had rejected the recognition of esports as part of a sport.

And today we can see a striking change from the IOC as the esports branch has taken place at the 2018 Asian Games, “said the Russian Sports Minister.

Apart from the esports agency, Emin Antonyan also commented on the striking differences between esports and casual gaming, “There is a very big difference between esports and casul gaming. There are many differences in esports such as match sessions that don’t take too much time.

Emin Antonyan, Secretary General of the Russian Esports Federation.

Each game (on average) lasts 30-50 minutes and there are many different tournament formats such as best-of-series 3.5 to 7.

So this is an important thing for competitors to play inside platform the same with the same conditions too (fair).

I want esports to be able to complement conventional sports, and vice versa. However, we have to get out of the focus of competition and move on to look for the best talent among the best as esports athletes and for fans (entertainment), “said Antonyan.

General Assembly of the Asian Esports Federation in South Korea in 2017. Source: Ligagame Facebook fanpage

The 2018 Asian Games are also proof that the presence of the esports sport can be a stepping stone to form the stigma of esports as a sport in general. The IeSPA Agency in Indonesia is also concrete evidence of the importance of esports being in the country.

Edited by Jabez Elijah