“The Story of Dedication” Dendi’s Inspirational Documentary Video

Happy New Year guys, a new inspirational new year might be a good thing to start a new beginning with. And maybe this documentary video released by Natus Vincere recently could be a good option.

Natus Vincere has again released a new documentary video that tells the career journey of one of their best players, Dendi. This documentary video is also a birthday present for Dendi, where he turns 28 years old on December 30th.

Can we honor Dendi as the most smiling Dota 2 pro player?

The video with the title “Dendi: The Story of Dedication” received so many positive responses, especially from the fans. In addition, in the video there are many comments from various parties close to Dendi, making this video even more interesting and full of inspiration.

Intrigued right, you can immediately watch the video on the official Natus Vincere youtube channel or via the video below.