The story of Valir in Mobile Legends, Gord’s disciple, the Arcane ML Witch!

The story of Valir in Mobile Legends is quite interesting, Valir is one of the Mage heroes in Mobile Legends who has attack skills with considerable damage and pain. Valir is a hero that is often used in the current meta season because he is considered quite overpowering and very troublesome.

One Valir skill if it continuously hits the opponent will make it look like there is no cooldown. His second skill is also quite troublesome because it can make his opponent pushed backwards so he can’t get close to Valir. The ultimate skill of this hero has the ability to be immune from all Crowd control in Mobile Legends when activated. We will discuss the story of Valir in Mobile Legends so that you can find out who the real Valir is.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of the story of Valir in Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know who the real Valir is, let’s immediately see the full explanation below properly and correctly!

The story of Valir in Mobile Legends, the student of Gord the Arcane Witch!

Valir lives in an area located at the edge of a western desert where there is a place that is so beautiful and rich. Valir is one of the students at the magic academy there. He can control Arcane’s power with ease. You need to know that Gord is one of Valir’s magic teachers in the Arcane department. Gord began to train Valir to find out the secret of Arcane’s power.

Gord felt guilty and there was regret in himself because Gord became very disturbed by the negative energy emanating from Valir’s body and his gross nature. It was at that time that Valir began to combine the ancient fire magic he had learned from his place of origin with the power of Arcane to create fire magic that was so powerful.


The story of the Battle of Valir and Gord which is very great in Mobile Legends!

Because of that Gord felt like he was betraying himself because he had let Arcane’s policy be tainted by foreign fire magic whose origin was unknown. With such burning anger, Gord tried his best to try to remove the power of fire from Valir’s body but it did not work.

Valir was able to survive Gord who tried to unleash his fire magic power with all Valir’s ability to the point that he completely destroyed almost half of the Magic academy area due to the intense battle against Gord.

Due to this intense battle Gord felt a little pride in Valir because his fire magic could rival his true Arcane power, even though he still hated and was angry with Valir.

In the end, Valir decided to leave the magic academy and Gord had decided to find a new student to replace Valir with his new flying tool that was moved by his true Arcane power. That’s the end of the story of Valir in Mobile Legends.

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