The Team That Lost Important Pillars

Bigetron Esports started MPL Season 2 quite convincingly. Unfortunately, their performance continued to decline and failed to win against big teams.

Even though they managed to qualify for the playoffs, their performance has been questioned how far they have gone. Will they be complementary or able to stand out with a few surprises.

Team Steps Toward MPL Season 2

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Bigetron Esports, which at that time was named Bigetron Player Kill in MPL Season 1, managed to prove to be a team that cannot be underestimated. At that time they won fourth place in the event.

Ahead of MPL Season 2 some of their core players decided to leave the team. The example is Emperor which finally anchors to EVOS Esports.

Then there is Eiduart, the Bigetron PK captain who moved to ONIC Esports, a new team in the Indonesian esports scene. Last there Rekt which eventually moved to the Louvre.

Bigetron Esports acquires the Player Kill team. Source: Bigetron Esports Website

The remaining two players are Fabiens and Vin who finally decided to stay and look for new players to fill the void in the team.

Finally the three players are Rage, Yam, and JeeL who had previously joined IDNS.

Substitution of players certainly had consequences with their journey starting from open qualifier MPL Season 2. Experience and big names from Bigetron successfully got them through open qualifier second.

Source: Muhammad Thirafi / RevivaL TV

At that time, Bigetron Esports was still very strong, successfully winning the first place in the playoff final in Group A with a record of winning all the victories. These results led them to qualify for the MPL Season 2 group stage.

Even though they managed to win from Team Capcorn in the first week, a series of defeats began to occur afterwards.

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In fact, they had to surrender to BOOM Jr., who in experience certainly lost to Fabiens and friends.

They were finally able to rise after winning from Saints Indo in the fifth week. The 9 points earned made them successfully qualify for the playoffs.

Playoffs Champion’s Spirit and Ambition

Source: GLHF Production / RevivaL TV

Their achievement during the group stage made them placed in the lower bracket. They met with Saints Indo, who in the previous meeting they managed to beat with a score of 2-1.

Even though Saints Indo came without full strength, in fact they succeeded in getting their revenge against Bigetron Esports with a 2-0 score. These results made them satisfied to be ranked 7-8 as well as being eliminated from MPL Season 2.

During the press conference with the media they shared their opinions during the tournament. Fabiens and Vins, who are also the longest-running players at Bigetron Esports, explained the differences during MPL Season 1 and 2.

“If the atmosphere is definitely different but individually it is still good, if the obstacles the MPL teams are currently getting stronger,” said Vins. interview.

Fabiens, who is also a senior player by participating in various prestigious tournaments such as MSC 2017 and MPL Season 1, admitted that he was bored playing Mobile Legends.

Source: MPL Season 2

“The solution is to look for other games as a distraction, but the ambition remains the same, namely to be the best in Indonesia”

JeeL, who used to be at IDNS, also admitted that there were more MPLs in Indonesia hype than on the team he defended before. “If here, apart from great prestige, it is also more struggling to qualify for the playoffs,” he said.

They also provide an opinion about the system bracket The playoffs this time are different from MPL Season 1.

“We were surprised but we think this is fair because we struggle to get more points during the group stage,” said the Bigetron retainer.

Bigetron Esports was indeed slumped during the playoffs yesterday, but they must immediately rise up to be able to compete and be the best, especially in Indonesia.

Source: Bigetron Esports

But recently Bigetron Esports has released all of their players from the division Mobile Legends. There is no official word on whether this team will be vacuumed or trying to find a suitable replacement.

Edited by Yubian A. Huda