The team that will compete in the 2017 ZEN Esports Network League is complete

ZEN Esports Network League 2017 by ESL Australia is a tournament attended by teams from Asia Pacific consisting of 4 teams from Australia and 4 teams from Asia. The tournament is for a total prize pool of $ 100,000 AUD. Well, through the fan page it was also announced the last team to be invited, namely The MongolZ. The following are the teams that will compete in the Zen Esports Network League 2017 which will be held from 7 March 2017 to 19 April 2017:

So, if we look at one of the CS: GO Indonesia teams that also competed, namely Recca Esports. They passed through the SEA level qualification path by defeating JYP Gaming. Through the Recca Esports fanpage, they stated that it was difficult for competitors, especially from Australia, because they had never fought a team from Australia so they could not predict their game. Apart from that, the difficulty of sparring with the Australian team due to the large number of ping was another reason for them to be wary of the team from Australia.


Meanwhile, the team from Asia, Recca Esports stated that they had played against them before so they already know the characteristics of the game. According to them, the opponents to watch out for were MVP.PK and Mongolz from Asia and from Australia, namely Chiefs and Immunity. “Our target in this event is of course to be the first winner by making Indonesia and Southeast Asia proud,” he said. Good Luck Recca Esports !!