There is a Geek Fam Behind the Success of Execration Towards Seattle

Execration has indeed succeeded in being a team being the last of SEA to qualify for Main Event The International 7 after defeating another Filipino team, Clutch Gamers with a score of 2-1 in Lower Bracket finals 2nd phase of the SEA Regional Qualification. Previous TNC and Fnatic had already confirmed their ticket to Seattle.

But do you know what is behind success Execration there is a role from Geek Fam which allows them to pass the 2nd phase of the SEA Regional Qualification ??

Teehee, a former Execration player who now plays for Geek Fam

Maybe many don’t realize that Geek Fam plays an important role in making the end Faceless dealing with Execration in the round Tiebreaker to determine who will advance to phase 2, which is ultimately won by Execration through the fierce match that lasted more than 1 hour.

Geek Fam at that time it was certain that he could not qualify for phase 2 even though he still had 1 more match against FacelessThey may choose not to play and give away a win for free Faceless who only needed 1 more win to qualify for phase 2, but they didn’t do that and chose to compete anyway.

In the match Geek Fam Really played amazing even though he couldn’t advance to the next phase, what’s more Teehee who use the Sniper perform very well and carry Geek Fam win the match.Teehee himself is a player from the Philippines who has also defended Execration.

With this defeat makes up Faceless is on hold and has the same number of wins as Execration and must be determined through Tiebreak and as we know the result was won by Execration until it finally passes to Main Event The International 7 in Seattle, USA.

Wow! respect yes guys make it Geek Fam !