There will be a change in the composition of Dota 2 players

Something surprising is happening again in the competitive realm Dota 2 Southeast Asia. Unlike the previous news, because the team to be discussed is a team reinforced by a retainer from Indonesia, inYourdreaM and Xepher.

The TNC Tigers logo.

Yup, the news of TNC Tigers’ release from TNC management was announced via the team’s Facebook fanpage Tigers Dota 2(temporary name). The reason is, the team Dota 2 it is one of the potential teams in the Southeast Asia region.

TNC Tigers itself won the ANGGAME China vs SEA Season 2 without being defeated. However, the team has shown a decline in performance in the last few matches, not even being able to qualify for main qualifier CEG Dota 2 Pro Series.

Poster for the CEG Dota 2 Pro Series event. Source: CEG

Then, what is the future of the former TNC Tigers division Dota 2? RevivalTV contacted the Tigers Dota 2 Manager, Dawei “Xero” Teng regarding what happened in the team with the tiger logo. “Everything that happens regarding the release of the TNC name is a matter of business alone.”

Perhaps many have been confused about the contribution of TNC management to the TNC Tigers team. However, Xero apparently gave an unexpected answer. “We have never received any funds from TNC management.

We use the TNC name nothing more as a sign of respect and appreciation for the support shown by TNC management. ” Added Tigers Dota 2 manager.

TNC Tigers parted ways with TNC. Source: Tigers Dota 2’s Facebook fanpage

You read that right, TNC Tigers apparently did not get any funding from TNC management. It seems that the release of management from TNC is also not a matter of Dota Pro Circuit regulations, because Dawei Teng admits that TNC Tigers is not directly involved with TNC management.

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In addition to the current internal conditions of the Tigers Dota 2 team, apparently Dawei Teng also provided more information about the line-ups of the players. “We have a change roster Dota 2 and will announce it in a moment. “

The fate of the players who leave the team with the tiger logo is also unclear. Seeing the departure from the name TNC, could it be Theeban? “1437” Siva became a player who left the bench for the Tigers team?

1437 leaving the TNC Tigers? Source:

On the other hand, Indonesia still has hopes for its two talented players, Xepher and inYourdreaM. TNC Tigers itself had become a byword after a fierce battle against TNC Predator in the qualifying round of The International 8.

But whatever the result, esports activists Dota 2 Indonesia must continue to support inYourdreaM and Xepher in their career paths. Post TI8 line-up changes also occurred throughout the team Dota 2 in various regions.