These Three Teams Will Challenge RRQ at MSI MGA Cup Indonesia 2017!

After undergoing two weeks of full challenges from qualifying for all of Indonesia, the MSI MGA Cup Indonesia 2017 finally gets the three strongest teams that will fight together. Rex Regum Qeon at the Main Event later! Who will get tickets to Cre8 PIK Avenue on September 30, 2017?

The first phase of the 2017 MSI MGA Cup Indonesia Qualification itself has been going on since September 4, 2017, with open qualifications starting and followed by 122 teams from all over Indonesia! The 122 teams then fought for four days to get 8 slots towards the next phase, namely the Playoff phase – which was finally obtained by Barol Gaming, Hardcore X, Pandora Esports, Eternity Havoc, Quantum E-Sports, Juggernaut Gaming, Underground Infinite, and Silver.Nusantara Wolves.

The Playoff phase has been running since September 11, 2017, with the eight teams competing with each other in the Round Robin format where each team meets each other and tries to get as many points as possible. With a point system implemented – 3 points for winning and 1 point for a tie, eight teams were tested for consistency and performance for 5 days to get three slots for the Main Event.

The tight battle that lasted for almost a week finally gave way for the three most consistently performing teams to the Main Event of the MSI MGA Cup Indonesia 2017. The three teams were Pandora Esports, Underground Infinite, and Eternity Havoc!

Pandora Esports became the strongest performing team during the Playoff phase – got five wins and two draws without a single loss! The team from Bandung also managed to get first place in the 2017 MSI MGA Cup Indonesia Playoff standings with 17 points.

The team that managed to secure second place in the Playoff standings is the team that has been on the rise lately, Underground Infinite. The team based at I-Cafe with the same name in the North Jakarta area won the same number of victories as Pandora Esports – five wins, but one draw and one defeat. Underground Infinite also collected 16 points in total.

The last team that made it to the Main Event of the MSI MGA Cup Indonesia 2017 was Eternity Havoc. The team, which has been intensively showing its ability in several tournaments even though the domicile of its members is divided, has managed to overcome stiff competition from other teams to get third in the Playoff standings. Eternity Havoc total won 14 points, the result of 4 wins, two draws and one defeat.

With four teams that will compete for a total prize pool of IDR 30,000,000, the MSI MGA Cup Indonesia 2017 is just waiting for the Main Event! With a concept that has never been implemented before in Indonesia, MSI Gaming and RevivaLTV want the MSI MGA Cup Indonesia 2017 to be a tournament that can be enjoyed casually but still competitive.

Let’s write down the date and place, Saturday, September 30 2017 at Cre8 PIK Avenue, Jakarta! This event will be open to the general public, but there will be special invitations with special facilities for fanatic fans of each team! You can check the post about the MSI MGA Cup Indonesia Golden Ticket Giveaway on various social media accounts of your favorite team – immediately check each team’s social media or check the link below!

For those of you who have an Esports team and are interested in becoming a part of MSI Gaming, you can immediately access this page on MSI Gaming to become a part of Team Dragon! MSI MGA Cup Indonesia 2017 is the result of collaboration between MSI Gaming Indonesia and RevivaLTV, and sponsored by, Linksys, Steelseries, and AOC Gaming.