Things You Cannot Do When Using Hayato Free Fire

Here we will discuss things that should not be done when using Hayato Free FireFree Fire has many choices of characters for you to use. Each free fire character has different skills, making them have different ways of playing. You can take advantage of the skills they have when playing, that way you can attack enemies more easily.

As you know, every character in Free Fire has different skills. You can use it when playing later. Some can increase your blood, and some can increase damage. Depending on the character you use, you can use weapons more effectively. One example is Jota who can heal when he kills enemies using a Shotgun, making it better to use a shotgun. You can use other weapons, but the results will be unsatisfactory.

However, sometimes you do things that you shouldn’t do. Small things sometimes make you feel disadvantaged. You must be able to read the citations and get to know the characters you use. Find ways how you can use the skills they have. That way, you can play better.

Here we will provide tips about Things You Shouldn’t Do When Using Hayato Free Fire. Sometimes you do this unconsciously, so you have to pay close attention to it. If you ignore it, you may end up cornered.

The following are things that you should not do when using Hayato free fire in FF matches, both pro and ordinary:


Hayato is a character who has good skills. The skill will increase the Damage Pen as much as the blood is lost. This makes it more difficult to use. Therefore, you need armor. If you don’t use armor when doing Rush, you will be in danger. With just 1 sniper shot to the head, you can die immediately.


Even if you use your lost blood to increase your Armor Pen, you are also in danger. Don’t hesitate to heal every chance you get. Because, if you die, you can’t attack the enemy anymore.


Fear of rushing in can also put you in danger. Use your existing armor and medkit, and move on to attack the enemy. If you stay behind, you can’t help the team or attack the enemy at all. You can count on your team to help from behind.


Indeed advancing to attack the enemy is very important, but it’s good for you to see your blood. If indeed you are not strong enough to advance towards the enemy, you can find a shelter to heal. If you are careless and keep advancing towards the enemy, you are looking to die.

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Those are tips about Things You Shouldn’t Do When Using Hayato Free Fire. Sometimes you do this without realizing it, but knowing it can make you more alert. Maybe you guys can play better or rather be more careful when using Hayato. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!


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