This Dota 2 Coach Reveals OG Use ‘Medicine’ To Win TI 2 Times!

Dota 2 coach from CIS, East “AhillesKulmuhambetov said that the OG team used some kind of medicine to become the TI champion 2 times in a row.

Recently Ahilles’s controversial statement against OG, who previously won The International 2 times in a row (TI 8 and TI 9).

The Winstrike coach said OG had the desired level of motivation, was able to deliver 100% and was very calm compared to other teams at The International (TI) for using pills or drugs.

He went on to say that he was also angry that OG made the CS: GO team too, where there are strict protocols against the use of pi or certain drugs, and he found it a bit odd that an organization with divisions within two esports titles in the same place.

He then made a comparison between PSG.LGD looking confused after the defeat of Game 4 at TI8 and the quiet side of OG who lost in the previous game as shown in the documentary True Sight TI8. He admitted that OG could only maintain his composure even though he lost in Games 2 and 3, because they took the ‘pill’.

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OG Accused of using Drugs at TI

Ahilles concluded by saying that CIS analyst and commentator Sergey “Smile” Revin, aka ARS-ART, had officially spoken about OG taking the “pill” earlier, but had to apologize because he didn’t want to be blasphemed.

Earlier, in 2019, the CIS ARS-ART Analyst, claimed that OG had used performance enhancing drugs at TI9. In addition, he claims that this was introduced to them by Mia Stellberg, their sports psychologist. Neither Valve, nor OG, nor Mia Stellberg gave any response regarding the allegations made by ARS-ART.

But ARS-ART has apologized for the accusation. He said, “I apologize to the OG team and the esports community. I spoke very imprecisely, focused on the less than valid rumors about drugs and commented on their play in the same way. OG are true champions to prove this for the second year in a row! ”

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