This is How to Counter the Latest and Most Effective Diggie Feeder Meta 2020

This is the newest and most effective Diggie Feeder meta counter method for 2020, which you can definitely try at home!

Lately, the Mobile Legends Indonesia scene has been busy with a new meta called Diggie Feeder.

This new meta was discussed by many people, he said, it was very annoying because it made us unable to recall or roam freely.

In ranked or classic mode, players can find this Diggie Feeder meta in Mobile Legends very easily, especially if you are a solo player.

Then how does this new meta work and how to counter or solve it?

How the Meta Diggie Feeder Works

Previously, you have to know how the Diggie Feeder meta works, you are required to follow the opponent’s movements, especially the core, wherever he is.

What is utilized from this meta is the vision or movement of the enemy on the map which we can find out about because Diggie is following him when he is in egg mode / when he is killed.

There is a giveaway contest with a prize of 1 million rupiah in game vouchers in the application!

So if you want to use this meta, of course you have to use Diggie and let the enemy kill you continuously.

The most important thing is that you can follow their movements anywhere.

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Diggie Feeder Meta Counter

If you are annoyed with enemies using this ridiculous meta in Mobile Legends, you can count them very easily.

Use Meta 122

The first way is to use meta 122 where it aims to confuse Diggie which core to follow.

Use the Bounty Hunter (Assassin) Talent

The second way is to use the Bounty Hunter where this can make our cores richer first than the opponent because they keep killing Diggie if they follow us anywhere.

After that, play as fast as possible with playing objectives.

Use the Hero Core Assassin

The last way is to use the hero core from the role assassin. We say this because the heroes of the role assassin themselves have very fast movements.

This made Diggie unable to follow their movements, given that Diggie’s movement was very slow when in egg mode.

That’s the way to count the Diggie Feeder meta version of SPIN Esports, is there anything you want to add?

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