This is the Anyar Maximum Effort squad

Maximum Effort Recently made changes to its line-up by overhauling several players and leaving only Roberto “1802nkins” from the original line-up of Maximum Effort. With 4 additional players, namely Pradipta “Flavio” Virgianto, Agus “Faraday” Setiawan, Imam “Frech” Ramdhan, and Adio “Diostruct” Reonaldo, Maximum Effort will be better prepared for future tournaments.

1802nkins Remains IGL MxE
1802nkins Remains IGL MxE

The team that was previously the CSGO division of We Made Legend retains their veteran In-Game Leader, Roberto “1802nkins” who has been with Maximum Effort since he was under the auspices of WML. They will compete in the ROG APAC Master Qualifier and IESF Qualifier # 2 display which will take place today.

Roster Maximum Effort:

  1. Roberto “1802nkins” Pahlevi
  2. Pradipta “flavio” Virgianto
  3. Agus “Faraday” Setiawan
  4. Imam “Frech” Ramdhan
  5. Adio “diostruct” Reonaldo