This is the Function of Social Style in Free Fire (FF), and its meaning!

Let’s get to know a little about the Social Style features in Free Fire (FF), in the Battle Tag feature! It’s been 1 month, Patch OB26 in Free Fire has come out, and we just have to be able to welcome the arrival of lots of new items and features in it.

Lots of new features and interesting items have been introduced, and for those of you who are curious you can read the news Free Fire us for information regarding tomorrow’s update.

One that is included in this latest Patch is emergence Battle Tags, as an addition to the completeness of the Free Fire player profile. These Battle Tags appear as a form of badge to be shown to other players.

You can display this Battle Tag on your profile, as proof to other players that you have received several Battle Tags.

Here you can install 2 kinds of tags, namely Social Style and Battle Style, in this article we will provide a little information about Social Style!

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Free Fire (FF) Social Style, Explain Your Personality!

It is immediately available 8 kinds of Social Styles that you can fit in profile you guys, so that the visiting players can find out your personality!

It’s a little different from the Battle Style, where you have to get it first by carrying out several existing missions.

  • Trendsetter: mix and match, I am the most fashionable
  • Socialite: getting friends is more important than kill
  • Veteran: an experienced player who knows fighting inside and out
  • Newbie: I’m getting stronger every day
  • Play to Win: Booyah is everything!
  • Just for fun: enjoy the match, enjoy the game
  • Chatterbox: I love to hear your voice, and I love to hear it
  • Silent Killer: actions are better than words, look at my games
Battle Tag Free Fire
Source: Garena Free Fire Indonesia

What is the function of knowing other Social Style players? If you can read the player’s personality, before you play, at least you know what to do in the match.

Since not every player you meet has the same personality as you, some prefer not to be greeted and not on mic. There are some who always fight continuously, and make kill number 1.

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With the social style, you can find out the personality of your friends in their profile, so install your style according to the facts!

You can change it in your profile, then select Style, and open the Tab Social Style. There you can choose several tags for you to display!

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