This is the Latest Best Chou Build in 2020 Using a Donkey!

For lovers of the Mobile Legends game, of course, you are familiar with one of the former Pro Players from EVOS Legends, Donkey. Is one of the iconic Chou heroes, this is the latest Chou build 2020 used by Donkey in Mobile Legends.

Chou is one of the best fighter heroes at the moment, his ability to carry out an execution is greatly feared in Mobile Legends. Chou has deadly CC skills, starting from disable, stun, knockback, and his most favorite is his immune skill.

On this occasion we will discuss the Chou builds that Donkey often plays in Mobile Legends. Curious about what kind of favorite item from the very king of Chou this one? Check out the following builds!

This is the Latest Best Chou Build in 2020 Using a Donkey!

Wooden Mask

At the beginning of the game Donkey used a roaming item, namely only Wooden Mask. This item can provide movement speed and additional gold effects and is the best item for roaming. You can buy full items on Shadow Mask or other roaming items.

Warrior Boots

Next there is the Warrior Boots which is the best shoe item for Chou’s hero in Mobile Legends. This item can give you movement speed as well as armor to strengthen Chou’s defense.

Antique Cuirass

Next there is Antique Cuirass which is a physical item that you can use to reduce damage from your opponent. This item will provide 920 HP, 54 Physical Damage and also 30 HP regen. This item has a passive skill that will activate when the opponent attacks and reduces the magic attack by 6%. This effect will last for 2 seconds and stack 3 times.


The next item that Chou Donkey uses, you can use Oracle. This item will provide 850 HP, 42 Magical Defense and also +10 Cooldown Reduction.

Oracle has a unique skill that can increase Shield and also Absorption and HP regen by 30%.


The next Chou build that Donkey uses is Immortality which is the best item in the late game. This item gives resurrect to Donkey’s hero and gives him a second chance to come back to life, whether used for attack or defense.

Athena Shield

The last Chou item used by Donkey is Athena Shield which is an item that can provide shields to heroes. This item is also able to absorb attacks from enemies, especially its ability to absorb magic damage from enemies is very strong.


So that’s the build damage that you can apply from one of the former EVOS pro players, Donkey. Donkey himself has currently recorded 3000 games by only playing with Chou’s hero. With 3k matches, Donkey has a win rate of 80%. Surely this is a very good skill, right?

What do you think about the Chou build used by Donkey? If you have the best build of your own, you can comment below.

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