This is the List of Winners for Run ‘N’ Gun Indonesia Qualifier for PUBG and R6S

Preliminary event for Indonesian representatives in the Run ‘N’ Gun 4 Nations competition for PUBG and Rainbow Six: Siege (R6S) is over. 4 winning teams from R6S and 5 winning teams from PUBG will compete again online against a number of representatives from 3 countries, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines.

The following is a list of the winners for R6S:

1. Ferox Team

  • Derry “Detrian” Rahadiputra
  • Daffa “IKura” El
  • Anthony “Xytus” Augusli
  • Richard “Rixx” Nixon
  • Edbert “Edshad” Aryasuta
    • Stand-In: Riki “Redmist2k” Rinaldi and Hans “Thed” Leonardi

2. Aerowolf

  • Jose “Histoire” Faith
  • Jason “HEExperimental” Faith
  • Achmad “MissMeMate” Tizany
  • Adithya “Kicked-” Aulia Aziz
  • Arizal “R1zul” Zukhri
    • Stand-In: Benny “Berphy” Rachmadi Putra
Source: Rainbow Six Siege Indonesia Community

3. Expetium

  • Jonathan “Zod–” Darren
  • Maalik “HaageN” Rebel
  • Mohammad Diesel “eL.Zein” Zein
  • Razaan “Le.Ape” Adiprakasa
  • Rayhan “Elang.eX” Tania
    • Stand-In: Muhammad Irfan “BurnSpace.-” Hakim and Devin “Solelluna.eX” Raul

4. iNation Esports

  • Louis “Vegaskicker” Cardin Cutanto
  • Baahy “Frieska” Muhammad Abyan
  • Benedictus “TheGhost” Alvin
  • Mochamad “Pimtha” Amri Wijanarko
  • Tantyo “chagiya” Adi
    • Stand-In: Kyrie “Ky7ie” Eleison and Ronald “Echevalier” Harlin Ismanto

For those of you CS: GO esports lovers, you must have realized that there is one name above that has caught your attention. Yup, he is Jose “Histoire” Faith that before playing CS: GO for the team Aerowolf.

Meanwhile, the following is a list of the 5 winning teams for the game PUBG for the qualification for Indonesia Run ‘N’ Gun 4 Nations:

1. Aerowolf _ADS

  • Ryan “supernayr” Prakasha
  • Ridho “Awkarinnnn” Dwiki
  • Sheldon “Awolf_NcSlasher” Andersen
  • Andreas “Awolf_ndrv1ceADS” Dharmawan


  • Rionaldo “fav0r” Stepanus
  • Muhammad “BangJo” Jordan
  • Muhammad “Geejod” Ghaza
  • Yudi “YudiSC” Septia
supernayr aerowolf
Image Credit: Aerowolf Pro Team

3. Dumb Aerowolf

  • Aldi “tr1nADS” Suthanada
  • Dheo “erstent” Nainggolan
  • Cahya “ExgonID” Ragil
  • Andrew “SkyENON” Immanuel

4. REDz Gaming SADES

  • Riski “tantruum” Oktavianda
  • Genta “genfos” Efendi
  • Mithfan “carlitoz” Fadly
  • Brama “qupe” Saputra


  • Yusuf Tulus “MKr1s” Pambudi
  • Naellza “Nellza” Gilang
  • Oktavianto “ThorN” Firmansyah
  • GerryPutra “ApolloZ” Hartawan

We also received comments from the 2 people who were responsible for holding these qualifications, Jimmy Lie from Aerowolf Organizer and Bobby Rachmadi Putra as Founders of Rainbow Six: Siege Indonesia Community about their hopes for the winners.

Jimmy said, “Congratulations to the winners who will fight in the Run N ‘Gun 4 Nations Cup. It is a special award for those of you who represent Indonesia in the tournament, fighting for an achievement for the name of the nation as well. “

Image Credit: Bluehole Studio

Meanwhile, Bobby said, “the message from me is as founder, keep on going and developing to bring the name of the country of Indonesia to world-class tournaments such as the R6 Pro league which is held annually by Ubisoft, where there will be brought together by player-player professionals in this R6S game.

Always remember that we are not a team or a group. We are a community and Ubisoft is very happy to see that community which is developing and has national teams that are ready to compete in international tournaments.

Image Credit: Ubisoft

Move on and learn from mistakes. Don’t forget to practice, rest, and train your mentally so that you are ready to win or lose. “

Unfortunately, the match date for the 4 Nations itself is not yet available, but we will write the news again after we get the latest information from Aerowolf Organizer or the Rainbow Six: Siege Indonesia community.