This is the MDL Disneyland Paris Major Group Division, Group Presence Hell!

On Monday (29/4/19), Mars Media and Disneyland Paris as the organizer of this event finally revealed the division of the MDL Disneyland Paris Major group. In addition to the division of the group, they also revealed the match schedule later.

The 16 teams competing will be divided into 4 groups. For group A, there is the top team in the DPC, who was juxtaposed with the winner of The International 7, Team Liquid. There are also Keen Gaming and TEAM TEAM to complete group A.

PSG.LGD will try to win tickets for The International 2019 at the MDL Major this time. (Source: LGD)

Group C is filled by 3 Asian teams, ViCi Gaming who will meet his compatriot team, that is PSG.LGD. This group also brings in Mineski from the Philippines, and paiN Gaming that completes group C.

The interesting part of this tournament is likely to come from Group D. This group deserves the title of the MDL Disneyland Paris Major Group of Hell.

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How could I not, this group is filled by Evil Geniuses who will meet his eternal rival OG. As well as there fnatic which is currently perched at position 5 DPC.

Here we present the division of the MDL Disneyland Paris Major 2019 group:

And the schedule and matches of the first round have also been disclosed to the public. Here are the details:

MDL Disneyland Paris Major will be event last major degree before EPICENTER Moscow closing the season series of the Dota Pro Circuit this time.

Until now, only 4 teams have confirmed their steps into The International 2019, namely, Team Secret, ViCi Gaming, and Evil Geniuses.

With the tournament getting closer to the holding of The International 2019.

It is estimated that the top 3 at the MDL Disneyland Paris Major will automatically secure their position in the biggest Dota 2 event this year.

Editor: Yubian Asfar