TI6 Main Event Day 1 – OG and DC Dropping Lower Bracket

The group stage has ended and today sixteen of the world’s best teams have played in the main round for the top spot. Slowly but surely the best team were eliminated on the first day by the strongest team, many fans were discouraged when their champion was eliminated. However, on the first day main event there is a team that is not seeded or an underdog team that is able to qualify for the group phase and create a surprise.

MVP Phoenix Drops OG Down Lower Bracket

Early this morning the Upper Bracket group, between OG versus MVP Phoenix group A played with their best performance at main event. However, many things were unexpected and surprises from each of these teams. In group A Most of the several dota 2 community forums predict OG, which they take from the team’s performance in the last few months. Where OG performed well after they won the 2016 ESL One Frankfurt and second place at The Summit 5. However, this underdog team was able to beat OG with a score of 2-1 and guaranteed to enter the top six.

MVP is known for his aggressive play, in Games 1 and 3 between OG and MVP, the MVP takes the hero Phamtom Assassin (Sun ‘QO’ Kim) in Game one, they constantly play fights. Timbersaw (Amer ‘Miracle-‘ Barqawi Jordan) in the midlane dominated at the start of the game, in the middle of the match 27 minutes the team’s fight from the Korean team was extraordinary in the match, where their fighting team was controlled. Finally OG at 39 minutes Call GG!

Meanwhile, the OG team had to sit in the lower bracket with the TNC Pro team.

DC versus Wings Gaming

After MVP Phoenix advanced to the top 6, DC had to go down after being defeated by Wings Gaming in the Upper Bracket with a score of 1-2.

In Game 1, early in the game DC managed to lead with some good combos. However, the momentum was lost when the blink from Mirana was used and then took out the Startstorm and then 4 heroes from DC died. It took a long time to finish the game, but the combination between Mirana and the Drow ranger made it difficult for the DC team to handle it, finally DC Call GG on 43 minutes.

In the second game, Wings gaming chose techies and pudge heroes, unfortunately their hero selection didn’t work and Wings gaming had to give up in 27 minutes. In the third game, Wings gaming rose after they lost in the second game. But in this third game they really dominate, DC Call GG in 25 minutes.

After DC loses to Wings Gaming, will they rise up in the lower bracket?