TI6 Main Event Day 1 – SEA Doto best Doto

The opening of the first day of The International 2016 – Main Event was a surprising spectacle, for today’s match the team seemed to be really playing very well.

Starting from MVP Phoenix, actually this team is not included in the SEA region because they are from Korea, but because Valve often includes MVP Phoenix as one of the SEA representative teams, that’s how it is. As the only SEA representative who received a Direct Invite. MVP performance is demanded to be better and proven by successfully passing the Groupstage phase and getting the Upper Bracket position in the Main Event.

2016-08-09 13_06_15-Dota 2 Valve Software on Instagram_ “MVP have done their part and now await the
MVP.QO (right) relaxing with his teammates, Image Source: dota2ti instagram

They even managed to beat OG, the only team that managed to win 2 events from Valve with excellent performance from QO and Forev. MVP Phoenix managed to win 2-1 from OG and guaranteed a top 6 position at The International 2016, while OG had to give in and go down to Lower Bracket Round 2.

Another SEA representative team is the TNC Pro Team. TNC is one of the teams that struggled through the Open Qualifier, and their performance became quite viral after defeating strong teams such as Wings Gaming and LGD and Escape Gaming with a score of 2-0 at Groupstage. Unfortunately it is only one point different so they have to start on the Lower Bracket for the Main Event.

TNC Pro Team, Image Source: dota2ti instagram

The first lower bracket will be one of the biggest challenges for TNC itself, because it is only bo1 and if it loses it will immediately be knocked out. But all those fears vanished after getting their first victory against VG Reborn, one of the strongest teams from China. RAVEN’s performance with its mesmerizing terroblade made the team escape the ruthless lower bracket round 1.

Next up is Fnatic, you could say they are the strongest team for the SEA regional candidates. Even though their performance seems unstable, they managed to ward it off by surviving in Lower Bracket – Round 1 after defeating Escape Gaming.

Especially for TNC, who will compete again tomorrow, they have a really tough opponent, OG. While MVP Phoenix will fight Wings Gaming and Fnatic is still waiting for his opponent to come down from the Upper Bracket and compete the day after tomorrow. Will TNC be able to beat the champions of Frankfurt Major and Manila Major in the Lower Bracket – Round 2 ??