TI6 Post Shuffle – Forev Out of MVP Phoenix, Rumors of not leaving Team Secret

After the end of The International 2016, of course, many teams lost and questioned why their performance was not optimal and maybe one solution was to change the roster. Forev has reportedly decided to leave his MVP Phoenix team, and this will be the first roster change after TI6. Forev is a player who owns impact big when playing offlanenya heroes like Dark Seer and Ax, it’s obvious impact when winning against OG with a score of 2-1.

The announcement was made via the official Twitter of Forev @forevdota. mentioned, the end of TI6 is also the end of his journey with the MVP team. Not a short time, Forev has been with the MVP team for 3 years.

2016-08-16 12_26_21-Forev on Twitter_ _Ending Ti6) My journey gonna be done with mvp team.  It's been
Image Source: twitter @forevdota

But a few hours after that, there was a new tweet from MVPJeeF, it was thought he was the management team of MVP Phoenix. In the tweet it was announced that Forev’s decision was still not final, the MVP itself was still trying to negotiate.

2016-08-16 17_49_27-Felix Jedelhauser on Twitter_ _It's NOT absolutely decided yet if @Forevdota is
Image Source: twitter @MVPJeeF

Forev also confirmed that his announcement of his departure does not mean he will stop in the world of Dota 2.

2016-08-16 17_52_36-Forev on Twitter_ _Ending Ti6) My journey gonna be done with mvp team.  It's been
Image Source: twitter @forevdota

Meanwhile, from Team Secret there were rumors that buLba would leave the line up, based on Bulba’s twitter banner that had been removed.

2016-08-16 17_59_15-Sam (@BuLbaDotA) _ Twitter
Image Source: twitter @BuLbaDotA

If it is true that you don’t leave Team Secret as well as Forev who comes out of MVP Phoenix this will be a big conversation, where their roles are both offlane. So will Secret.Forev happen ???