TI7 May Be Relocated Outside of the United States

In a meeting table with PCGamer and other publication media, Valve talked about the possibility for them to relocate their annual event, The International.

Donald Trump’s administration has banned 7 countries from entering the US, although this issue is still pending, this problem is quite difficult for one of the biggest e-Sports activists, namely Valve. Drama visas are one of the most common problems when implementing The International, and most recently how at the time of the Boston Major during the last days there were some players who experienced this problem, namely those who could not get their US visas.

According to PCGamer, Valve officials, namely Erik Johnson and Gabe Newell, on the issue of this ban yesterday at Valve’s studio, Washington. “All this problem about the prohibition and difficulty of obtaining US visas really worries us.” Erik Johnson said and continued with. “We will run this annual event no matter what happens. Ideally we should run this event here (Seattle) which is very close to our office. But if this problem makes it difficult for the participants and the events held, then we will try to find another way. “

Donald Trump, the Chosen Presian of the United States banned 7 tourist countries that were still suspended yesterday, while the Judge is still holding on to the ban. Some time after the court’s decision yesterday, the President gave statement in twitter:

Meanwhile, the ban is still being disputed between the US government and the court, the chance is very high for this prohibition to occur, and therefore, inevitably Valve must find other options to undergo this 7th International.

Now, realizing every choice has big problems with logistics, but if you can’t run the show in America, what kind of decision will Valve make? The most likely option is Vancouver, Canada. Which is approximately 250 miles from Seattle. Vancouver has several large stadiums, most of which are local Hockey and Baseball stadiums, all of which have a capacity of over 50,000 seats. And, seeing from several previous Valve events, they tried not to run the event at the stadium, 3 times TI was always held at KeyArena which only had a capacity of 17,000 seats while in the first year TI only had a capacity of 2,500 seats, namely at Benayora Hall.

With 4 major events that have been run by third party organizers around the world such as, Frankfurt, Shanghai, Manila, Boston and now will be heading to the Kiev Major, Probably Valve is considering the place where this major event has been held. Of course Boston will not be a consideration.

Source: http://www.gosugamers.net/dota2/news/43242-ti7-might-get-relocated-out-of-us