TI8 Prize Has Reached US $ 20 Million With 45 Days Left!

The International aka the most prestigious Dota 2 competitive event in the world is still an esports event with the biggest prize in history. More precisely, The International 2017 is the one who has the title with a total prize of US $ 24.68 million or the equivalent of around 15.4 thousand Honda Scoopy!

In positions 2, 3 and 4 are also still occupied by The International with the following details:

  • The International 2016: US $ 20.77 million
  • The International 2015: US $ 18.42 million
  • The International 2014: US $ 10.93 million

Only in fifth position can Dota 2’s tight competitor games perch there, namely for the League of Legends (LoL) event, the 2016 World Championship with a total prize of ‘only’ US $ 5 million or equivalent to … count yourself …

2016 World Championship Final

However, TI7’s record could change, followed by TI8, which to this day has reached a total prize pool of US $ 20 million although there are still 45 days left to collect ‘alms’ from gamers who buy Battle Pass.

For those who don’t know, this number can be so far different from other game competitions such as the World Championship for LoL, because Valve uses a system that is cool called crowdfunding.

This system was started in 2013 aka TI3 which was then called Compedium Dota 2. In the past, the Compedium crowdfunding system was also different because only US $ 2.5 was set aside from each bundle sale that was injected into the prize pool.

In 2018, 25% of the income came from sales The International 2018 Battle Pass (his name is no longer Compedium since 2015) entered into the TI8 prize pool.

It cannot be denied, this system is indeed the best of all esports competitions in the world. The reason is, Dota 2 esports fans who buy the Battle Pass can really feel like they have this grand event because they contribute to it.

Valve will even add 10K Battle Point addition if this year’s prize pool exceeds last year’s prize pool (TI7) and 10K Battle Point more if it reaches US $ 30 million!

Plus, the Dota 2 esports players who got a seat to compete on the grandest stage, are of course happy because they can get more pocket money.

The question is, if it goes beyond last year’s prize, there is a big possibility, but will it be able to exceed US $ 30 million or the equivalent of Rp.432 billion?

Isn’t that much money enough to run for president? Eh …