[TI8 Team Profile] Curse of Runner-Up Vici Gaming, Not the Champion’s Favorite Chinese Team?

Unlike the other Chinese representatives, Vici Gaming can be said to be the caretaker figure at The International 8. Indeed, several teams are favored by regional China such as Newbee and PSG.LGD.

Vici Gaming Dota 2. Source: DeviantArt

However, this cannot be blamed, apart from the fact that the most representatives from China are in TI8, the representatives also have their own power map. Maybe if it’s sorted PSG.LGD and Newbee into the first 2.

Vici Gaming? They deserve to be in third place when ranked from all other Chinese teams at TI8. The reason? Let’s take a look at the RevivalTV team’s review of Vici Gaming at TI8. The team, which is an esports giant from China, has indeed become a regular participant of The International.

Vici Gaming at MDL Changsha Major. Source: MDL

Some rooster seniors like Fenrir also still strengthening Vici Gaming. Plus Mikasa who fill the coaching bench position further tightens the competition at Ti8, especially the potential of Vici Gaming with 2 senior player figures with LaNm.

Vici Gaming in China Dota2 Supermajor. Source: PGL

Even so, Vici Gaming is a team that failed to qualify for the title of The International 7 in 2017. Some opinions regarding this team put them in the caretaker of the China team at TI8.

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With the Chinese team in third place with the top favorites, they could easily be eliminated or even make it to the top 8. However, how capable is the Vici Gaming team to advance in the grand event Dota 2 the?

Vici Gaming at MDL Changsha Major. Source: MDL

Curse runner-up Vici Gaming in the 2017/18 season was even more pronounced through their incisions in the event Dota PIT League, Perfect World Masters, Captains Draft 4.0 to ESL One Katowice 2018. Will the year China in TI 8 belong to the Paparazi fleet and friends?

Vici Gaming Dota 2 Roster:

  • Zhang “Paparazzi“Chengjun
  • Zeng “Ori” Jiaoyang
  • Ren “ELeVeN” Yangwei
  • Zhang “LaNm“Zhicheng
  • Lu “Fenrir” Chao

Inconsistency of Vici Gaming at the Dota Pro Circuit 2017-2018

Vici Gaming at ESL One Katowice 2018. Source: ESL

Vici Gaming Stats:

  • Total Matches: 285 (Dire 199, Radiant 86)
  • Winrate: 60.35%
  • Total Heroes Played: 108 (Unplayable Heroes: Meepo, Pangolier, Silencer, Techies, Troll Warlordd, Ursa, Windranger)
  • Tournament Results: 2nd AMD Sapphire Dota PIT League, 2nd Perfect World Masters, 2nd Captains Draft 4.0, 2nd ESL One Katowice 2018, 3rd MDL Changsha Major.

The era of Vici Gaming in the 2017/2018 season is indeed quite iconic in view of the lineup rooster Unusual. The reason is, several names were present to fill the void left by rooster in the previous year.

Vici Gaming at ESL One Katowice 2018. Source: ESL

The names of the players are like Hao, That, ChuaN and END left Vici Gaming on September 6, 2017. But at the same time Vici Gaming brought in substitutes.

Paparazzi, Ori and Fenrir imported by Vici Gaming management and brought LaNm from the coaching bench to the players. For the one player remaining, EHOME loans out one of its veteran players, eLeVeN to the array rooster Vici Gaming.

Fenrir at ESL One Katowice 2018. Source: ESL

Don’t be surprised if there is an option for loan players, because esports is quite developed like other conventional sports. For example, VGJ.Thunder also borrowed from LFY to bring figures ddc to his team.

So, how far has Vici Gaming achieved in the 2017/2018 DPC season? Maybe if you look at the Dutch national football team now it is more or less the same as the status of Vici Gaming, the king without a crown.

Vici Gaming in China Dota2 Supermajor. Source: PGL

The Netherlands had become runner-up in several prestigious events between countries, such as the FIFA World Cup and the Euro, but never won the trophy. Vici Gaming this year is also in accordance with the achievements made by the Dutch national team.

This team of talented players certainly has everything it takes to become champions. Vici Gaming has a leader figure from LaNm and experience from Fenrir on the Support side.

LaNm at ESL One Katowice 2018. Source: ESL

But something was missing from Vici Gaming’s composition and strategy when facing the final match. Their failure in the final round in several successful LAN matches made the Vici Gaming team carry it out title specialist runner-up.

At the first LAN event, the AMD Sapphire Dota PIT League became a stage for Paparazi and friends. Carrying out the ambition of success from the name of the esports organization, LaNm was able to bring Vici Gaming to their first final round in the 2017/18 season.

Vici Gaming in the AMD Sapphire Dota PIT League. Source: dotapit

Successfully defeating 3 giant teams Dota 2, such as OG, Virtus.pro and Newbee. But they lost 3-2 in a tight competition with a score of 3-2 against Team Liquid. Apparently, the composition of players consisting of the junior-senior generation is still not enough.

The winding road was again experienced by Vici Gaming after failing for the second time in the grand final round. The Perfect World Masters event presented the strength of Vici Gaming by topping the Group A standings.

Vici Gaming in the AMD Sapphire Dota PIT League. Source: dotapit

Even in the playoffs, Vici Gaming still appeared charming by eliminating the resistance of Mineski and Team Secret, but lost at upper bracket against Newbee.

In the final round, Newbee again hosted Vici Gaming, but as if without change, Vici Gaming lost 3-0 without reply.

This zero result kept repeating itself, even until Vici Gaming was defeated by Virtus.pro in the ESL One Katowice 2018 major event with a score of 3-1. Position runner-up The last time Vici Gaming took place at the event which took place in February 2018.

Vici Gaming at ESL One Katowice 2018. Source: ESL

The reason is, Vici Gaming has slumped in several LAN matches so that it has not been able to get up and was forced to occupy a less favored position. Defeats in several qualifications also hindered Vici Gaming from gaining DPC points.

Bad nicks also occurred at the 2018 Dota 2 Asia Championships, 2018 ESL One Birmingham, China Dota2 Supermajor. MDL Changsha Major also placed the Vici Gaming team in third place when it was defeated by PSG.LGD.

Vici Gaming at the 2018 Dota 2 Asia Championships. Source: DAC

This change in position is undoubtedly the scale that Vici Gaming has experienced in recent events. So excited at the start of the season that he hasn’t been able to do much in the last few games.

Luckily, their performance was able to get some DPC points to put them in the ranks of the winning team. However, their presence at TI 8 was through direct invite 6th position is also the impact of the bad results of the favorite teams Dota 2 in this 2017/18 season.

Vici Gaming at MDL Changsha Major. Source: MDL

Natus Vincere who always changes rooster, Inconsistent OG to the point of leaving the main pillar and a lack of North American regional dominance. Vici Gaming will certainly perform optimally seeing their previous mistakes, but the question is is that enough?

LaNm’s Share in Strategy at The International 8

Vici Gaming in China Dota2 Supermajor. Source: PGL

How ready is the Vici Gaming fleet to face TI 8? It’s hard to think about this considering every team keeps their strategy in facing the grand event a secret Dota 2 the. Some important pillars may be the only way to read the skills of several teams at TI 8.

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When Evil Geniuses is confronted by Fly, OpTic Gaming by ppd and Virtus.pro by Solo, then Vici Gaming will be very fixated by the figure of LaNm. Why didn’t Fenrir assume the position of captain?

Vici Gaming at MDL Changsha Major. Source: VPEsports

Actually broadly all players are responsible for the victory or defeat of a team. But of course Vici Gaming is well aware that LaNm is a former coach who was appointed as a player.

The contribution of Fenrir and LaNm will make the team even more terrifying with an aggressive support composition. When juxtaposed with the players core, Paparazi is a player who really deserves to be highlighted by Vici Gaming.

Vici Gaming in China Dota2 Supermajor. Source: PGL

LaNm is like a bow and Paparazi as an arrow for Vici Gaming. No matter how strong a player is, if it is not based on leadership and strategy, it will certainly be difficult. Like a strong bow without hitting the target.

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Given the preferred strategy, LaNm and Fenrir became the architects of the attack and defense by Vici Gaming’s fleet. The result? Some of the mainstay heroes of these two players are subscribed banned.

Call it Bane who was banned 83 times and resulted in a 65% victory for the opposing team. Unlike Fenrir, LaNm successfully secured the Night Stalker for 92 bans and brought 68% victory.

Pick and Ban Vici Gaming. Source: dotabuff

Vici Gaming also relies on the shrewd game of Paparazi’s Death Prophet. The reason is, this hero became the second most out of a total of 285 Vici Gaming matches in the last 12 months.

It is increasingly clear that the reason Vici Gaming is doing banned against the Night Stalker is to make room for the Death Prophet. So, will Vici Gaming continue to use the Death Prophet and Bane combo?

Hero Winrate Vici Gaming. Source: dotabuff

It all depends on player adjustments, Vici Gaming strategy, META at TI 8 and typical combos from LaNm and friends. Maybe this is the right time to show that Vici Gaming is capable of more than 2nd place, especially this is the year of the Chinese team.

In the end, Vici Gaming remained the favorite team to win, even though it could be said that it was far from the same team, PSG.LGD and Newbee. But of course everything comes from careful consideration, especially when Vici Gaming is filled with roosters experienced.

vici gaming at ti8
Vici Gaming at ESL One Katowice 2018. Source: ESL

How Vici Gaming steps in at TI 8 will depend on how ready LaNm is to lead his team with Fenrir. Let’s see the development of the team at TI 8 on August 15 2018.