[TI8 Team Profile] Gaming PaiN and w33 Magic, Complementary or Potential Team?

The South American region has indeed received less attention in the competitive realm Dota 2-his. Apart from being more dominated by its North American neighbors, the region has not promoted many talented players.

But everything changed when w33 come (rich Avatar, wow). The Romanian national player strengthened the paiN Gaming team after leaving PENTA Sports which never showed positive results.

w33 pain gaming
w33 at the airport to the paiN Gaming bootcamp. Source: paiN Gaming Twitter

PaiN Gaming itself is arguably one of the veteran teams Dota 2 in Brazil, but the title champion at home is more worthy of being pinned because the team only played in Brazil from 2014 to 2016.

Event Brazil Game Cup 2014-2016 can also be bagged by the beat paiN Gaming Isurus Gaming and T Show. It was only at the beginning of 2018 that the team showed an interest in getting into the competitive realm Dota 2 international scale.

PaiN Gaming wins the Brazil Game Cup. Source: paiN Gaming

The first time I was proud of my achievement was at the event Captains Draft 4.0 which was won by Team Secret. paiN Gaming was only able to occupy the 5-8th position after being beaten by Mineski with a score of 2-0.

PaiN Gaming itself managed to qualify after defeating its rival, SG e-Sports in the qualifying round of The International 8 in the South American region. Even a fierce match requires at least 5 rounds to determine which team will qualify.

PaiN Gaming Dota 2 Roster:

  • William “HFn” Medeiros
  • Aliwi “W33” Omar
  • Otavio “Tavo” Gabriel
  • Danylo “Kingrd” Nascimento
  • Heitor “Duster” Pereira

Will PaiN Gaming Debut at The International 8, Will It Be Sweet?

PaiN Gaming at TI8. Source: VP Sports

PaiN Gaming Stats:

  • Total Matches: 208 (Dire 95, Radiant 113)
  • Winrate: 60.58%
  • Total Heroes Played: 109 (Unpicked Heroes: Techies, Necrophos, Centaur Warrunner, Huskar, Bristleback, Arc Warden, Meepo)
  • Tournament Results: 5-6th DOTA Summit 9, 3rd ESL One Birmingham 2018, 7-8th EPICENTER XL, 2nd WESG 2017, 5-6th Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds, 5-6th Captains Draft 4.0

PaiN Gaming is the only representative from the South American region, at least from other regions. Then, there are many publics or esports activists Dota 2 expect them to perform brilliantly on the Vancouvers stage on August 15-25 2018.

Seeing this, how great is the preparation of the Brazilian esports team. Indeed, seeing from the composition of the roster, Aliwi “W33” Omar or who is often called weeha, became the most striking player of his time.

But before he came, Danilo “Arms” Silva became a player who filled the Midlane bench from paiN Gaming.

w33 itself strengthened paiN Gaming on April 14 2018. These results can show how striking the strength of the former Team Secret retainer.

PaiN Gaming is the 2nd winner of WESG 2017. Source: WESG

The best achievement of paiN Gaming before being strengthened by w33 was at the WESG 2017 event where paiN Gaming was included as the representative of the country of Brazil. The rest? All paiN Gaming matches put the team in 5-6 positions along with Arms.

The arrival of w33 from PENTA Sports was also welcomed by several parties, paiN Gaming itself became the team that started releasing the Brazilian title roster with the arrival of w33. Their first debut with w33 was started at the LAN EPICENTER XL.

PaiN Gaming performed quite brilliantly at the start of the event, even though it had to occupy the 4th position in Group B. This position helped paiN Gaming’s fleet advance to the playoffs at the EPICENTER XL event.

Like a sweetener, paiN Gaming, who was in the lower bracket, had to be eliminated 1-0 immediately after being defeated by another representative of The International 8, Winstrike (FlyToMoon). However, it is too naive to expect a team to improve in just a month.

Towards the next match where w33 is again tested at the ESL One Birmingham 2018 event. The long-awaited surprise has finally arrived, paiN Gaming, which occupies group B with OG, Team Liquid and Vici Gaming, apparently made it through to the playoffs.

Aliwi “w33” Omar. Source: Cybersport

This surprise was further exacerbated by the contribution of paiN Gaming which crushed Team Liquid’s journey in the event made by ESL. The reason is, w33 and friends managed to beat Team Liquid 2 times, namely with a score of 1-0 and tie-breaker with a score of 2-1.

PaiN Gaming at ESL Birmingham 2018. Source: ESL

Not only that, paiN Gaming again surprised the Birmingham public after defeating Dota 2 Asia Championship champion, Mineski with a score of 2-0 without reply. Despite this, they still bowed to Virtus.pro’s strength in a 2-0 defeat.

As with paiN Gaming, Fnatic was also defeated by The Green Wall’s fleet with a score of 2-1. As a result, paiN Gaming welcomed Fnatic to the match bronze match or the fight for third place.

Shining again, paiN Gaming at least managed to carve a positive trend by ending the title as third winner. Eradicating Southeast Asian giants, Fnatic with a score of 2-1 through a fierce third fight.

Facing the approaching TI8, DOTA Summit 9 also invited paiN Gaming as one of the participants in the event made by BeyondTheSummit. But it is precisely the teams that failed to shine at ESL One Birmingham 2018 showing a strong game.

pain gaming ti8
PaiN Gaming qualifies for TI8. Source: Wykrhm

Call it Fnatic and Evil Geniuses who won the event, whereas paiN Gaming and OpTic Gaming were the losers. Decline in performance or bad luck? Looking at the group stage, PaiN Gaming appeared quite convincing by occupying the 3rd position.

These results took the team to the playoffs at lower bracket, but the former rooster Team Kinguin was able to crush the resistance of paiN Gaming. It seems that Phantom Lancer and Ember Spirit are quite a scourge for paiN Gaming players.

Pain Gaming division of Dota 2. Source: ESL

Like it or not, the Brazilian esports team must improve themselves quickly considering their declining performance. How far will paiN Gaming go? It depends on the extent of practice and drafts that paiN Gaming can master.

Mixing Strategies and Potentials of PaiN Gaming

PaiN Gaming at ESL Birmingham 2018. Source: ESL

Perhaps many are confused about the strategic characteristics shown by the paiN Gaming fleet. The answer may not exist, why is that? Because paiN Gaming is a very complex team in terms of games.

Complex? Yup, being a team that uses all heroes in the past 12 months, totaling 109 heroes. It’s very broad, but some heroes such as Pudge, Monkey King, Underlord, Chaos Knight, Pugna and Lich seem to be complementary to strategy alone.

Game draft? Maybe yes or no, be a hero pool wide area does not necessarily display a good game if it is not able to compete. Let’s take an example of how Winstrike only has a hero pool 81 can beat the Gaming paiN in EPICENTER XL.

Pain Gaming, Dota 2 division. Source: paiN Gaming

The key here is how paiN Gaming has heroes that are so learned that it is difficult to fight them. All will agree that w33 is famous for its Meepo game, but there is one interesting fact during his time playing at paiN Gaming.


What is that interesting fact? Aliwi “W33” Omar, who is famous for the figure of Meepo, has not even shown his game under the banner of paiN Gaming. Will Meepo be the key to success? Is Meepo the secret weapon of paiN Gaming at TI8?

Pain Gaming, Dota 2 division. Source: paiN Gaming

Well, who knowsHowever, as far as existing Meepo patches are still within the scope of META, at least at patch 7.18. With news saying that 7.18 will be patch at The International 8, it is possible that Meepo’s beautiful performance will be presented at the event.


PaiN Gaming itself uses the most Gyrocopter with a total of 83 matches through 55.42% winrate. The hero commonly used by hFn this has indeed become a mainstay of the team, even during the TI8 qualification against SG e-Sports.

But according to statistics, paiN Gaming does the most banned to the Night Stalker. With a total of 89 tire, paiN Gaming managed to win 64% of the wins if this hero tire.

PaiN Gaming pick and ban statistics. Source: dotabuff

The opponents of paiN Gaming have also banned the Death Prophet and Gyrocopter very often.

The result was only 50:50 regarding the results of losing or winning, but hFn with Gyrocopter as well as w33 with the Death Prophet is no reason to underestimate the power from South America.

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The International 8 does show an international class game, but there are more interesting facts. Aliwi “w33“Omar did spam Invoker at his last pub game, and again no Meepo in the last few games.

List of recent pubs w33 (8 August 2018). Source: dotabuff

Looks like Meepo will still be on the sidelines seeing the last time w33 played it about 6 months ago. Invoker from w33 might be a drug or strategy from paiN Gaming, it’s worth looking forward to Ka’El rocked map Dota 2 at TI8.

When looking at analysis and track record existing, maybe paiN Gaming is not the favorite team at The International 8. Seeing inconsistent games and heroes pool area which results in underdevelopment of the existing strategy.

Pain Gaming, Dota 2 division. Source: paiN Gaming

Virtus.pro, Team Liquid and PSG.LGD are still the favorites to win. But looking at Oddie and DZ’s predictions, it’s possible that the names Newbee, Mineski and Team Secret make a surprise.

Will the debut of paiN Gaming bear fruit? It looks like they have to wait a few more months to finalize a team strategy that doesn’t have any distinctive features.