[TI8 Team Profile] Is There Any Wonder of Resolut1on for VGJ Storm on TI8?

VGJ.Storm started its journey at the Dota Pro Circuit with the status of a second class team which is predicted to become a complementary team in its own region. Over time, all opinions changed and made this team one of the dark horse teams at The International 2018. Could they prove this opinion?

Starting with the Second Class Player Pool

VGJ formed from the collaboration of Jeremy Lin who is also an NBA basketball player, Vici Gaming, and China Digital Culture in 2016. Name VGJ itself is taken from the name Jeremy Lin. After TI7, VGJ finally made two teams viz VGJ.Thunder for the Chinese region and VGJ.Storm for the North American region that acquired the roster isGG.

But unfortunately this new roster struggle is not easy. The competition between the North American regional teams at that time was like Evil Geniuses, compLexity Gaming, and OpTic Gaming making it difficult for them to qualify for the Dota Pro Circuit tournament.

Their wait finally ended after successfully qualifying for MDC Macau by defeating Digital Chaos in the final. But before the start of the MDL Macau, they had to lose one of their players. They ended up wearing kpii who is also a player Newbee at the tournament. Unfortunately, they have to settle for being in the last rank of the group stage.

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Entering 2018, Sneyking decided to leave the team and he was eventually replaced by BananaSlamJamma and monkeys-forever. The entry of these two players also didn’t have much impact on it VGJ.Storm until finally this team was disbanded in February 2018.

A few days later, they announced a new roster filled with names with more experience competing in international tournaments.

There is a duet MSS and SVG who had previously played together at Team NP. Apart from that there are also YawaR siblings with SumaiL, player Evil Geniuses, and Timado; young players from Peru. Uniquely, Sneyking was also part of the team and was the only player ever to be on VGJ.Storm.

mdl dota 2

This new roster proved to be better than before because he managed to get the main event slot to GESC Thailand Minor and MDL Changsha Major. But dear, Timado decided to leave the team after the visa problem hit him. He was eventually replaced by Resolut1on, former player OG which ultimately made this team change instantly.

The Magical Hand of Resolut1on

Although still young, Resolut1on already have experience and achievements that cannot be underestimated. Started his career as a player in the CIS region and was a part of Virtus Pro and Team Empire, he finally chose to move to Digital Chaos after failure Team Empire qualify for the Shanghai Major.

Resolut1on (center) in Digital Chaos uniform. Source: ESL

Although his achievements are not very brilliant, however Digital Chaos instead became the team that advanced in the grand final of TI6 before being defeated by Wings Gaming. Had won 3-4 ranks in the Boston Major and ESL One Genting 2017, DC instead dissolves his roster and replaces it by recruiting Onyx Team.

Resolut1on choose to stay with his peers and form Thunderbirds which was eventually acquired to be Planet Odd. Unfortunately, the failure to qualify for TI7 made this team disbanded. But luck comes when Team Empire had to lose one player because of a visa and made him a stand-in who eventually managed to rank 7-8.

He finally decided to move to OG and achieved decent results by winning the championship MDL Macau. Career together OG the end didn’t last long following OG’s failure at ESL One Katowice and Bucharest Major. Finally he decided to leave the team. Resolut1on was a joint stand-in Effect, the team from CIS at DAC 2018 before finally moving to VGJ.Storm.

Debut Resolut1on walked sweetly when he managed to bring VGJ.Storm through to China Dota 2 Supermajor. and managed to win all the victories. He also led this team to win the GESC Thailand Minor and become the second winner at the MDL Changsha Major.

Underdog or Champion Featured Team?

Because making changes to the roster in the middle of the road, VGJ.Storm started his journey to TI8 from open qualifier. Had failed at open qualifier first because it was defeated EG, they finally made it to the regional qualifier in the second open qualifier.

The heroes used by VGJ.Storm during the TI8 regional qualifier Source: Dotabuff

Windranger becomes the decisive hero VGJ.Storm when they reached the first rank qualifying as well as making them qualify for TI8. Even the Windranger and Drow Ranger drafts got a 100% winrate record when played by VGJ.Storm.

Moment tiebreaker, Mirana was actually taken twice in a row Resolut1on (when fighting OpTic Gaming) and Sneyking (when fighting compLexity Gaming). Uniquely, Mirana was immediately picked up when the first pick made this hero usable in all situations.

Heroes of the VGJ Storm Dota Summit 9
Source: Dotabuff

VGJ.Storm also follow meta heroes on patch 7.18 during Dota Summit 9 such as Pudge, Winter Wyvern, and Necrophos. Even so, they also continue to use their flagship hero at the moment regional qualifier TI8 like Mirana, Drow Ranger, and Windranger. Dear, VGJ.Storm had to settle for being in third place at Dota Summit 9.

Interestingly, techies were also taken by VGJ.Storm and made them the only team to take on this adorable hero at Dota Summit 9. Evidently, they can get one win when used.

Sneyking (right)

VGJ.Storm very likely to qualify for the TI8 playoffs. It only matters how far they can go in IT. According to Sneyking during an interview with Esportsheaven, after their surprising performances at the MDL Changsha Major and Thailand Minor, they were no longer the underdog team and the other teams were more prepared to face them.

“When this happens, the game becomes more difficult to play and one or two mistakes can end your run in the tournament,” he said. Sneyking admitted that the opportunity for his team to bring aegis is 5 percent. But they have to fight extra to be able to beat the famous teams who are more seeded than them.

Although it is considered a new team, however VGJ.Storm managed to prove they are able to compete with the top Dota 2 team thanks to their recent achievements. Will Resolut1on and friends be able to take this team further and even achieve aegis?

Edited by Jabez Elijah