Tigers and CompLexity Gaming Make Sure to Step into the Upper Bracket!

DreamLeague Season 10 returns to color, this time the group stage steps have met a bright spot. There were at least 2 teams that made it to the next round, namely the Tigers team and compLexity Gaming.

Source: DreamHack

Both teams successfully advanced to the next round thanks to perfect nicks with 2 consecutive wins. Then, there are still 2 teams that have the right to advance to upper bracket, but this requires a decisive battle.

There are at least 2 teams that confirm their place in lower bracket, namely Vega Squadron and ROOONS. On the other hand, 2 upper bracket slot remaining will be determined from the match tie-breaker between Na’Vi vs Infamous and RNG vs The Final Tribe.


But for those of you who missed the excitement of yesterday’s match, here is a brief presentation of RevivalTV from the second day’s DreamLeague recap.

Vega Squadron vs Infamous

Source: DreamHack – DreamLeague S10

Heading for the next match, Infamous has packed a defeat as well as Vega Squadron. By determining the team that keeps hope upper bracket, of course the two teams both appear insistent.

This is shown in the first game which presented the same score, namely 42-42. However, Madara’s initiation could not stop Infamous’s defense in the first game. As a result, Timado took a big role with his Terrorblade.

How was the second match? This has not changed much, where the victory was successfully won by Infamous’s fleet.

The reason is, Infamous is now taking advantage of the positive trend from the first win. The pressure received by the Vega fleet was not wasted and succeeded in giving a vast difference in scores, namely 49-21.

With this result, Vega Squadron and his standin, Dendi had to start the playoffs through the lower bracket.

ROOONS vs The Final Tribe

Source: DreamHack – DreamLeague S10

ROOONS is one of the less favored ‘small’ teams. It only contains tier 2 roster from Europe, it has been proven that this team’s game is far below standard.

How come? ROOONS received 4 consecutive crushing defeats at the event made by DreamHack.

Then, the first game of the ROOONS fleet was only able to stretch the game after the score showed 8-20 for the team’s defeat.

Towards the second game, even The Final Tribe team seemed to give no mercy. After having to play for 43 minutes in the first game, the Swedish team ended the ROOONS resistance with a match of only 29 minutes.

Chessie managed to show a beautiful game with Tiny and carry triple kill in area highground. With the battle lost, the ROOONS fleet admitted defeat with a score of 35-13.

ROOONS will accompany Vega Squadron on lower bracket after 2 consecutive defeats.

Natus Vincere vs CompLexity Gaming

Source: DreamHack – DreamLeague S10

After the battle between the teams that lost their opening match, this time the 2 winning teams will decide their next fate. CompLexity will host Na’Vi which is a team with rooster new origin of the CIS.

As expected, both teams were strong. Even the first match took up to 57 minutes with the same score, namely 43-43. However compLexity found the right momentum passing kill 3 Na’Vi players in the top area.

The second match is more likely to be owned by compLexity. Skemberlu even occupies the top kill with 13 via his Bloodseeker. SoNNeikO’s initiation with Chen ended in bad luck and resulted in him receiving death 14 times.

So, teamwipe compLexity Gaming forced Na’Vi to submit to EterenaLEnVy and friends. As a result, Na’Vi had to play against Infamous in order to occupy a position upper bracket.

Tigers vs RNG

Source: DreamHack – DreamLeague S10

One of the most-awaited matches at the DreamLeague Season 10. Two teams that were considered to have the potential to win the official Valve minor event apparently found the champion.

The match ended in a fierce 2-1 with a Tigers win, although RNG forced the game into the second game. The first Tigers game shows a very neat game, even the objective is to prioritize seeing Specter as the hero taken.

A score of 26-14 ended the first match and brought the Tigers as champions. Moving on to the next party, the new Tigers are having a hard time in this game. The reason is, the second game takes up to 87 minutes and is the longest in DreamLeague Season 10.

The combo of Tinker, Weaver with Aghanim plus Terrorblade with his Sunder is able to overwhelm Tigers. With refresh time which is fast, Terrorblade comes without fear with various ways to refill its blood.

Then, the game Tinker and Terrorblade on highground ending the Tigers team’s resistance. A score of 63-58 for RNG ended the second game. The deciding party must be faced by both teams, at least to ensure a place in upper bracket.

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But the Tigers who appeared neatly showed a beautiful game. This is because the Tigers fleet appeared loose until the game ended in the 49th minute. Ahjit with Ember Spirit is able to lock the movement of RNG players with Searing Chain.

A score of 44-22 which was quite striking ensured the Tigers momentum in the round upper bracket. RNG will host The Final Tribe to ensure a place at upper bracket. Besides that, inYourdreaM which uses the Phantom Lancer is a concern.

Source: DreamHack – DreamLeague S10

This Indonesian player was successfully crowned MVP after his beautiful game without dying. As a result, the former BOOM ID player has made another positive trend in his esports career.

DreamLeague will be back today (31/10/18) with 2 games left tie-breaker. Following are the fixtures in DreamLeague Season 10:

Natus Vincere vs Infamous: 19:30
RNG vs The Final Tribe: 22:30

Source: DreamHack – DreamLeague S10

Can Na’Vi advance to upper bracket? Or will they be conquered again by Infamous powers? RNG will also return to show its struggle against the Swedish fleet, The Final Tribe.