Tigers Successfully Silence Natus Vincere and Ensure Position in the Big Three Minor!

The good news comes from a competitive realm Dota 2 from Southeast Asia. One of the up-and-coming teams, Tigers was able to silence Na’Vi’s playing on upper bracket. Then, there were also several teams that had to be forced out.

Advancing to the playoffs, of course it is increasingly certain that the ranks of the team are getting narrower. This is something that is normal considering there is only one champion in each tournament. There are 2 teams that must be knocked out, namely ROOONS and The Final Tribe.

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RevivalTV summarizes DreamLeague Season 10 in the playoffs, as well as seeing the steps taken by inYourdreaM and friends in winning the DreamLeague Season 10 champion title in Stockholm, Sweden.

The following is a recap of the matches on the 2nd day of the DreamLegue Playoff:

ROOONS vs Infamous

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Infamous is the last remaining Latin American power. After paiN Gaming and paiN X appeared dominant and succeeded in advancing to the Kuala Lumpur Major 2018 event through the qualification route.

Meanwhile, ROOONS is indeed one of the least favored teams, they don’t even present any significant surprises.

Infamous, who refused to lose, certainly appeared determined and played objectively. The first match took up to 30 minutes and the match was successfully embraced by the Infamous team.

But Infamous got a little resistance when stalling for the match until the 46th minute. As a result, Morphling belongs Timado still appearing dominant and making the ROOONS fleet have to be forced to return from the DreamLeague event with a score of 32-30.

The Final Tribe vs Vega Squadron

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The Final Tribe, who appeared quite balanced in the group stage, turned out to be eliminated. The fantastic action of Vega Squadron is the reason. The Swedish fleet managed to secure the first game quite quickly, which was 32 minutes.


However, new thrilling matches occurred in the 2nd and 3rd matches. The reason is, Madara with Terrorblade being able to take advantage of the carry and support potential of Zeus Dendi. As a result, the match which took 53 minutes belonged to Vega.

A new determination occurred with comeback beautiful from Vega. After being 1 point behind, they successfully dominated the game. This time Maybe Next Time secure 14 kill through his Ax. They locked the initiator’s movement from TFT.

As a result, with a score of 43-32, Vega Squadron successfully won the third victory and advanced to the next round. The Final Tribe was forced to drop out of DreamLeague Season 10 first.

RNG vs compLexity Gaming

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One of the games that brought the 2 best teams on upper bracket. The first match was secured by compLexity Gaming quite quickly and swiftly. The reason is, a score of 37-13 is proof of dominance EternaLEnVy and friends in the first game.

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Then, the second match became comeback beautiful RNG. The team shaded by former compLexity players, 343 turned out to show his beautiful game through Dazzle.

Posion Touch from Adam capable of destroying laning phase, even Srf and ah fu make Sneyking swallowed death 9 times with his Necrophos.

The third match did not appear to be much different from the previous party. The RNG fleet appeared more loose and delivered a third victory while qualifying for the next round in the final upper bracket.

The score 41-15 for RNG was won again after the Mirana-Nyx Assassin combo won again laning phase the RNG team. Finally, Mirana was able to pocket a fantastic score of 18 kill, 0 death and 14 assist.

Tigers vs Natus Vincere

tigers dota2 dreamleague
Source: DreamLeague – DreamHack

This much-awaited match takes until 6:00 am WIB. Because the new match started at 2:30 am WIB and brought the first draw.

This did not dampen the enthusiasm of esports activists Dota 2 Indonesia. And their time to stay up was not wasted after the Tigers officially beat Na’Vi with a score of 2-1.

The first game took 45 minutes to score 29-19 for the Tigers. MoonMeander deserves to be pinned the title of best player in this game after his Pangolier incised 10 kill, 0 death and 16 assist.

However, the second match became a turning point for Na’Vi after they defeated the Tigers in a short amount of time. The Alchemist who became the initiator was able to end the resistance from Tigers, even the Tigers were unable to appear dominant in the second match.

As a result, the score of 37-25 in the 44th minute was secured by Na’Vi. But this time the Tigers won the victory in the deciding match in the third match.

The reason is, the Tigers play fast with draft Na’Vi which is quite strange. Selection of the Drow Ranger on first pick made the Tigers fleet easily read the match situation.

And sure enough, Tigers only took 28 minutes to end the resistance from Na’Vi. This victory ensures the Tigers to the final upper bracket and ready to entertain RNG in order to secure tickets to the grand final.

With the position on upper bracket, Tigers and RNG have the advantage of taking a day’s rest to face the big parties. Meanwhile, today the match was only filled by the teams in lower bracket. The following is the schedule for the third day of DreamLeague Season 10 matches:

Infamous vs compLexity Gaming: 19:30 CET
Natus Vincere vs Vega Squadron: 22:30 WIB

Source: DreamLeague – DreamHack

Tonight’s match will be no less exciting, because Vega Squadron and Dendi meet again with Na’Vi. Will the shark fleet get their revenge in the group stage?