Tigers Successfully Wins SEA Main Qualifier Slot in Kuala Lumpur Major 2018!

Towards the 2018 Kuala Lumpur Major, each team competes to prepare the best strategy to attend the event. In Southeast Asia, it turns out that the first phase qualification event has presented 2 teams that have qualified for the main qualifications.

kuala lumpur major
Kuala Lumpur Major. Source: Valve

The two teams are also the team that just announced the lineup rooster them, namely the Tigers and Lotac. In the playoffs open qualifier the first phase presents the 8 best teams, including:

  • Rex Regum Qeon
  • Kawa and Magi
  • LFS
  • EVOS Esports
  • Tigers
  • Alpha Gaming
  • Lotac
  • Khabul
First phase open qualifier bracket. Source: Liquidpedia

Towards the 8th playoff event this team will play to secure 2 tickets to the main qualifiers. The Indonesian team itself was represented by Rex Regum Qeon and EVOS Esports, but the two teams were unable to advance to the next round.

Rex Regum Qeon must surrender hand in hand Kawa and Magi with a fierce score of 2-1. On the other hand, EVOS Esports is able to beat Alpha Gaming, but had to lose 2-0 by Ohaiyo’s team, Lotac.

Lotac Dota 2 Roster. Source: Wykrhm

But the dream of esports activists Dota 2 not over yet, because the Tigers are still the last hope. The reason is, the two retainer of Indonesian pride, inYourdreaM and Xepher able to advance to the next stage.

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Tigers managed to beat Khabul by a score of 2-0, the match was quite difficult at the start of the match. But the team made 1437 This successfully advanced to the next round after Ahjit was able to appear fierce with the Morphling combo with Ether Blade.

Team Tigers Dota 2. Source: Tigers Facebook fanpage

The next match presents Kawa and Magi who beat Rex Regum Qeon. The Tigers again got fierce resistance against the team. However, the Pugna and Huskar combo managed to secure the first points for the Tigers.

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Only needing one more victory, it turns out that the Tigers are back on a revenge mission. The Mongolian team, Kawa and Magi / 425, apparently had to regret not doing so banned against the Phantom Lancer.

The reason is, Ahjit and his Phantom Lancer have again succeeded in earning points for the Tigers team. Apart from that Xepher played beautifully with either one signature hero-her, Dark Willow. With a score of 2-0, Tigers managed to advance to the main qualifying round of the Kuala Lumpur Major 2018.

Tigers and Lotac will face Mineski, TNC Predator, Fnatic, Execration and 2 slots last in the second qualifying phase. The qualifying Lotac also contains talented players, one of them Raven, a former TNC Predator retainer.

The main qualification line at the Kuala Lumpur Major 2018. Source: Valve

Hopefully inYourdreaM and friends were able to advance to the main event. Or maybe Tigers will be able to become the champion at the first major event, Kuala Lumpur Major 2018 which will be held on November 8-11 2018.