Tips and Tricks for Learning to Use Fighter in Mobile Legends

Opening up battles is a task tank, however, if there is no further assistance from other team members then the role tank as a teamfight bodyguard just ended up being a victim.

This is where a person comes in fighter come, because it has a relatively small HP but patched with damage and CC good, this type of hero is not able to open teamfight like a tank, but can reverse the flow of battle if used properly.

Unfortunately not all fighter created equally strong, there must be some hero with skill set which is more complete and makes it more flexible than other heroes.

This time RevivalTV provides a video guide from Gaming Theos about fighter perfect that is currently in Mobile Legends and manual using hero the. Let’s watch the video.

In the video, Gaming Theos provides a guide regarding the use of fighters consisting of Lapu-Lapu, Martis, and Chou. He also received assistance from Prodante in compiling a guide to using Thamuz and Leomord.


The strength of this hinterland man appeared when he entered the two-sword using mode ulti-his. At that time he will receive additional defense which indirectly increases his time on the front lines.

Not forgetting also presence shield that appears every time you use 5 ability the more it made him invincible and unpredictable both inside team fight as well as duel.

Lapu-Lapu is perfect for thirsty players kill on early game to remember statwhich is quite good from early to late game. But remember, don’tfeed.


fighter mobile legends

Ah, Martis, a fighter with immunity and CC in one ability, Add more ability which allowed him to wipe out a team with ultimate without cooldown when used properly.

Using Martis is actually quite simple, use it CC well and don’t forget ultimate to finish off enemies with low HP. Always use ultimate at the end teamfight.

Combination Blade of Despair and Wings of Apocalypse Queen to be the most effective winning potion for Martis, added damage for execution ultimate while improving sustain so that he would last longer in battle.


Almost the same as Martis, Chou has CC and sustain which is amazing. Chou’s job is deep team fight is throwing enemies at your team using ultimate to be finished together.

Although more often encountered using semi-tank build, Chou is also capable of being a terror to assassin and marksmen if using item type damage.

Chou is one fighter type all-in, he had to plunge deep into the enemy’s back line to kidnap Marksmen and kicked him to the front lines to make his team’s job easier.


fighter mobile legends

Although classified as fighter, early gam damagehis high e made Leomord just as deadly as assassin use build right.

Don’t just use it dash Leomord’s, wait for your team to reduce the enemy’s HP then it’s time for you to crash into team fight as a cover as well as chasing fleeing enemies.

One of the reasons why Leomord became fighter the tricky is timing of use ultimate where he calls his horse.

To really take advantage of ultimatehim, direct the horse’s arrival from the enemy’s place to deal damage in the process of coming to Leomord.


fighter mobile legends

This hero with the appearance of a gigantic fiery demon was probably fighter with skill set most complete. It has everything starting from CC, lifesteal, AoE burn, up to true damage.

Thanks to all that, he might be the only one fighter with the ability to start team fight equivalent or better than several tank.

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To use Thamuz means to enter teamfight and activate AoE burn to the enemy as much as possible, he will absorb the enemy’s HP while giving damage with a sizeable amount.

Editor: Yubian Asfar