Tips for FF Smooth Jaya Playing Free Fire Without Dropping 2020, Auto Continue!

When you play a game, of course the thing you want to get is calm without problems. Even this also applies to Free Fire players. Until now, Free Fire is still good enough to play. Even the total players who have tried the game, have reached more than 250 million players.

This game is published directly by Garena, so of course all updates and events in this game are well maintained. In the future, Free Fire will also present many new updates that are much more interesting. Reportedly Garena will add more Free Fire Characters in the future.

Even though it’s still an issue, of course all players won’t wait for the update. Even in this game, you can use some of the Best Deadly Shotguns in matches. That way, you can kill enemies quickly.

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Even when you play this game, you definitely don’t want to ever experience a problem called intermittent. Of course with that, you won’t be able to try a Tips to Become a Silent Killer in the game later.

As we have all felt during this intermission, it is quite disturbing to your playing. Where later, you will not be able to play comfortably. There are even some players, where they experience lag so that the Free Fire application cannot move at all.

On this occasion we will provide some information on how to deal with lag in the Free Fire game. Lag is indeed very annoying because there are so many things that are very detrimental if you get lagged. Therefore, immediately try the method below.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Tips for FF Smooth Jaya Playing Free Fire Without Dropouts 2020

  1. Restart Network

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When your network is bad enough, try restarting it first. Later the process and network connection, the system will repeat itself. Usually this method is very effective for eliminating lag when playing the Free Fire game.

Even so, it also depends on the circumstances you are playing in this game.

  1. Check Network

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If you are still experiencing bad network, even though you have restarted the network. That means indeed, the provider from your cellphone network is having a problem.

Where this is, the problem is straight from the network server. Those of you who experience this, are not allowed to play Free Fire first. So that later when I play not legally, and if you die you don’t go berserk because of the internet.

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  1. Play Using Wifi

If there is wifi, just use Wifi. But try, to see that Wifi is not used by many people. But usually, this won’t really matter. There are so many, the Free Fire player plays using Wifi but it has been used by many people.

Playing smoothly and smoothly and having no problems, if possible, borrow a friend’s Hotspot to play Free Fire. Even you too, can invite him to play together.

  1. Using the GLTool Application

FF Characters in Garena Free Fire

This 3rd application is indeed very good, because it can help you not to experience lag in playing the Free Fire game. There are already many players who use this application, while playing the game.

But just be careful, there are some apps that are safe and not. There are even several reasons you get banned in Free Fire that you should know, so you don’t get caught later.

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  1. Playing in conditions that don’t rain

The strongest and hardest FF character in Free Fire

If you play in dry conditions and the weather is friendly, of course the internet that is provided is also quite good. But if you play in rainy conditions, of course internet performance will decrease.

You can feel the breakouts which are quite severe, you can’t even move at all in the game.

  1. Close All Running Applications To Reduce RAM Load

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When you want to play the Free Fire game, try to close all running applications. In order for the performance to play later, there are no problems at all.

Ram on your cellphone too, will be empty and smoothly victorious to play the Free Fire game. Later on, you can play Free Fire and Use the Best SMG Weapons without experiencing any lag problems.

  1. Set Graphics

New Character of Kappela Cantik Free Fire

Finally, you can use the method to adjust the Graphics in the Free Fire Game, where later you will not experience dotted on the Graphics section. For now, you will be able to play the game more smoothly.

Even if your cellphone is 1 GB Ram, of course you have to set the Graphics lower. Don’t use Ultra HD, because not all cellphones like that can use Ultra HD Graphics.

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So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. Apart from this information, there are also some tips for making deadly scar weapons in the match.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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