Tips for Playing as an Assassin in Mobile Legends

Besides marksmen with the ability to deal high damage in the game, type hero the second most favored by MLBB players is assassin. This is because damage output extraordinary size and the ability to finish off the enemy team alone when used properly.

But play as hero this type does not just enter, kill, and ended up dying in vain just to get 1-2 hero even though there is still potential to add to it.

This time RevivalTV will share some tips for those of you who want to play with heroes asssassin. We end the chatter now and go straight to the list of tips.

1. Recognize hero your choice

Gusion (source: GGWP)

Not all assassin created equally, there is hero the new one can show its strength when it gets item certain, there are also those who have to wait ultimate cooldowne in order to be of use in battle.

Recognizing characteristics hero, core item, as well powerspikehis is the main key to mastering the battle using assassins who can reverse the flow of the match as the match progresses.

2. Sign in teamfight at the end

teamfight (source: GGWP)

Although not created equally, assassin has one thing in common that all members of its category have low HP. This weakness is patched by the ability to expedite damage big in no time.

Therefore, enter teamfight the very end is a must. Damage owned by the assassin turning them into extraordinary battle cleaners, finishing off enemies with low HP who were trying to escape.

3. Farm as much as possible without leaving the task in the team

farming in the jungle (source: Metaco)

As a person hero with gameplay which depends a lot on item and level, To do farm on an ongoing basis is the right decision. But don’t forget that the key to victory is teamwork, don’t leave it teamfight and objective only for farm.

If that happens, you can guarantee your team will suffer a bitter defeat and it’s all your fault for never contributing to the team and being selfish.

4. Do diligently gank

gank (source: Teknosaurus)

Apart from being a deep cleanser teamfight, assassin also have a job to do gank in various lane and if you are lucky you might get kill and carry your team to victory.

You can apply the four tips above when playing as an assassin, still confused about which assassin is right for you? Read the recommended article for the 6 hero assassins from Oura’s version first.