Tips For Silver – Silver in CS: GO

Hello everyone, so this time we are going to share some tips so that you can get better at CS: GO. Hopefully you can apply these tips in your game so you can reach Global Elite as soon as possible.

  1. Don’t shoot on the fly

This is the main principle in CS: GO. Your accuracy when shooting will decrease drastically when shooting as you go along, so make sure you stop first before shooting your enemy, because if not, you can be sure that you are just getting winded if you don’t stop shooting.


  1. Don’t look at the ground

There is no money scattered in CS: GO, so there is no reason for you to keep the crosshair on the ground. Taro your crosshair at a level where you think the enemy’s head will be. That way the time it takes for you to direct the crosshair at the enemy will be faster than your crosshair on the ground.

  1. Give info, not gossip

Have a million gaming headsets, clear microphone but the info is gossip. Redundant sir. If you play, make sure the information you give is accurate. For example, you played in Dust 2 A long. You saw 2 enemies, you panicked, jumping up and down while shouting “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BANYAAAAK”, it will make your friends panic and rotate quickly. The reality is that in A Long there is no one and they get into B easily. Keep calm, and give enough information.

Not only that, you also have to say which way you look. Suppose you watch the connector, everyone knows you watch the connector. But suddenly someone A died and someone from the connector. How come? It turns out that you take care of the angle passive that doesn’t get any information about people from mid. You were killed, boy

  1. Don’t block

If your friends are shooting at the enemy, you must help. BUT don’t cover your friends path. Suppose your friend is shooting at Door A Long Dust 2. He wants to run away but you are right behind him. Those who wanted to run away were actually modar because of the closure of those of you who could only see him die tragically. Avoid it, guys.

  1. Learn to spray

Each weapon in CS: GO has a different spray pattern, but the ones most commonly used are M4 and AK-47, so you guys try to start learning the spray patterns produced by the AK-47 and M4. Certainly, aiming for you will be sicker than before.

  1. Clutch

When your friend is clutching, give enough information. Don’t teach me to play again.
“Pantek here boy”
“Just wait there”
“I think from long deh”
“Is it from short?”
“I think I like you”

Your friend who is trying to focus on getting info and kills is scattered because the info is not important that you provide. If it’s dead, give enough information and keep quiet.

And when you become a clutcher, don’t be nervous and dry dry. I’ll catch a cold.

  1. Watch and learn

There are lots of pro players both from within and outside the country. Take your time to watch the match to learn how they play and execute the bombsite on each map. Also pay attention to their movements, because their movements also determine the team’s victory. From there you can have role models of players who become your idols and benchmarks for playing.

Suppose you like ‘Neo’ from Virtus Pro, you will play following the movements of Neo, who is known to be very flexible. Or maybe ‘Maikelele’ is known for its aggressive play, you can imitate their style of play or even create your own style of play.

  1. Warming up

And lastly, warming up. Make sure you warm up before you get into the real match, whether it’s Faceit or competitive. Whether it’s by building bots, or playing on a deathmatch server. Warming up will affect your aim in your next game.