Tips to Always Win Solo Queue Valorant ala G2 Mixwell

Tips to Always Win Solo Queue Valorant ala G2 Mixwell!

Too often, playing competitive mode at Valorant on Solo Queue is a pain.

We don’t know who our teammates will be, we don’t know how good their skills are, and whether they are toxic or not.

Because of this, many Valorant players are more inclined to play competitively with their friends.

Even so, many Valorant players had no choice but to play solo queues.

Fortunately, G2 Esports pro player, Oscar “M1xwell” CaƱellas, there are some suggestions for solo queue valorants so they can play consistently and always win.

About the G2 Mixwell

Today, the G2 M1xwell is one of the best Valorant players in the world, which is why many casual players admire him.

The M1xwell has become the highest standard for players having world-class gameplay mechanics and intelligence.

Together with the G2, M1xwell has won famous Valorant tournaments in Europe.

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Mixwell’s Solo Queue G2 Tips

Push Rank Valorant

After seeing many casual Valorant players struggling to do well in competitive mode, he made a post on Twitter to help them out.

Below is the mental difference between the winner and the loser mentality in Solo Queue Valroant according to G2 Mixwell

Winner Mental

  • Using Voice Chat
  • Play as a team
  • Indirect lock agent (instalock)
  • Be nice and enjoy the game
  • Give ideas to win the game

Loser mentality

  • Not talking at all
  • Hit the Bait
  • Installock Jett
  • Toxic with teammates
  • Quitter

Good communication before the game starts and in the middle of the match is very important.

You have to know what agent will be suitable to be used and must be willing to give in to each other if someone has the same choice of agent.

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In the middle of a match, providing the right information is also very important because this will really help the team to make decisions.

Players who cannot communicate well can damage the overall team performance, and remember, you will play for about 40 minutes with your teammates, so try to give your best and not be toxic.

Here are tips for always winning solo queue valorant ala G2 Mixwell! Don’t forget to keep visiting Daily Spin, to get the latest eSports news, and follow our Instagram @SPIN_Esports and Youtube we!