Tired of the Promise Not to Leave the House? Here Are 5 Things You Can Do

Covid-19 finally entered Indonesia, prevention and treatment measures have been taken by the government by providing recommendations to certain hospitals that serve patients who have been exposed to the virus. Meanwhile, the preventive measures taken in the form of eliminating activities outside the home such as school, college, and even some jobs also encourage employees to work from home.

Schools and colleges themselves are slightly different, some are undergoing classes on line or some even had a full day off. One thing is for sure, everyone is advised not to leave the house to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Therefore, this time the author has several activities that you can do at home when you are bored because there are no classes on line or the like and must not leave the house.

1. Play Games

First of course there is game play. With a wide selection of games that you can access with a variety of good devices smartphone or PC, it seems that the author doesn’t need to provide examples of games that you can play. Want push rank until Immortal or Mythical Glory? Monggo. Do you want to finish a game that hasn’t been played since long ago because of your constant busy life? Please. Play anything as long as you don’t have to leave the house.

2. Watch matches from other esports branches

Esports options are currently very diverse. If in the past you only knew titles like Dota 2, CS: GO, and Mobile Legends, this is an opportunity for you to watch esports matches from other branches such as Rainbow Six: Siege, Rocket League, Fighting Games, and much more at home. If you want to be a little different from the others, there’s also esports for that Farming Simulator. Weird flex but ok.

3. Interact with Members in the Online Community

The author believes you are part of a game community that you play such as Wet Complaints Playing Dota 2 or other groups where you can find friends in that group. Given that now there are many social media that can be used to interact, you can also join the Discord community group to find friends to play with, who knows you are a good fit.

4. Learn something new through YouTube

If there is a term books are a window to the world, now in a precarious situation Youtube is a window to the world that you can access even from home. You can learn something new via Youtube and content creator who are already working there. Do you want to learn to edit videos and become a Youtuber in the future? Can. Want to learn new techniques in the game? Can. Everything you can learn via Youtube.

5. Livestreaming


If you have the proper equipment and the internet that supports it, you can try to do it live streaming from home while playing. Besides being quite fun, you can even enliven the game group that you participate in, maybe even streamer well-known members of the community can play in stream-your.

Those are 5 things you can do at home when there are no other activities due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in Indonesia, continue to maintain your health and cleanliness, friends RevivalTV.