TNC Gaming got the TI6 slot through SEA Qualifier, DeMoN Effect ??

Something that is quite surprising emerged from the SEA Main Qualifier – The International 2016 who just finished its Round Robin round. Many predict, it is likely that the TI6 slot will be obtained by Fnatic, of course, based on their performance in previous tournaments. But it turned out that this prediction was broken by TNC Gaming, a booming team because it recruited a former EG player, namely DeMoN.

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Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho is a well-known player in the dota 2 community, he is known for his games that often take high risks, ‘Classic Jimmy’ is a common nickname for him. DeMoN is a player who quite frequently changes teams, on average he moves teams after joining for a few months, but there is one team that DeMoN has been there for a long time, Evil Geniuses.

EG 2012
Roster EG at The International 2012 DeMoN, Fear, BuLba, Maelk, Universe. Image Source

DeMoN was recruited by EG on October 24, 2011. Several tournaments were followed but never won 1st place. And after Maelk announced he was quitting the competitive scene, he was suddenly replaced by SexyBamboe, which had a big effect on Evil Geniuses himself. They failed to get a place at The International 2013 after falling in the Western Qualifier, and this is the first time EG has dropped out of an IT class tournament. Shortly after that, DeMoN left the roster after 2 years with Evil Geniuses.

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For the first time, Evil Geniuses did not get a place on The International. Image Source

After a long history in several teams and finally recruited by TNC, the Team from the Philippines. And it seems that it is going quite well, the proof is that they have just defeated Fnatic and got a slot for The International 2016. While Fnatic and the other 4 teams (2 ~ 5) still have a chance, they will compete again in the double elemination bracket, and only winners in the bracket That’s the one who gets the slot to TI6, while the runner-up gets the Wildcard slot.

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Round Robin – SEA Main Qualifier – The International 2016. Image Source

Will the DeMoN Effect continue to run well despite facing their next rivals in Seattle? We will see later…. Goodluck DeMoN, Goodluck TNC Gaming (y)