TNC Opens Female DOTA 2 Division, Interested?

After making sure to qualify for the main event of The International 2017, one of the proud teams from the Philippines, TNC, announced that they were opening the female division of DOTA 2.

This, they announced that they were opening the division. This news appeared in one of the TNC team’s latest tweets. They explained that this audition would be held on July 8th.

You could say, this decision will be something that sells later because in addition to the TNC branding itself, this can also be said to be a way to prove that they also care about the women’s esports scene.

The positive thing is, it could be that with this there will be many female DOTA 2 teams competing. Who knows, esports will not only be seen for male gamers, but there are also many female gamers who can excel.

Are you interested in this audition, girls? If so, just come to the High Grounds Cafe at 10 a.m. on July 8 tomorrow!

Team Secret Women’s Team

Previously, the Virtus Pro team, Natus Vincere, and even Team Secret also had a women’s team. As for TNC, their success in stepping into TI7 was one of them being the role of a woman named Kips who helped them with their training. Because previously, Kips had worked for Fnatic last year and brought the team to position 4 at The International 2016.