TNC Pro Team Coach and Analyst Decide to Separate

After the performance of The International 7, the beautiful woman Murielle ‘Kipspul ‘ Huisman who is analyst all at once coach Dota 2 has decided to leave the TNC Pro Team, the team he has nurtured for the last 6 months.

For 6 months with TNC, this woman from the Netherlands has arguably brought TNC in the right direction and also got very good results, for example, ranked 3 in the Galaxy Battle, and the best is ranked second in the StarLadder i-League Invitational where they are able to. held Team Liquid until the 5th game even though in the end they had to lose 2-3. But still this is a very good result considering Liquid is the IT champion 2017.

Kipspul together with the TNC Pro Team players.

In addition, the TNC Pro Team is also the first Dota 2 team from Southeast Asia to qualify for The International 7. They won the TI7 SEA region qualifications defeating other strong SEA teams such as Fnatic, Execration, and Clutch Gamers. But unfortunately, when the TI7 Main Event started, TNC had to be killed by OG in the Lower Bracket round 2.

There is no definite reason why Kipspul chose to leave TNC, but what is clear is that he was not fired, because on Twitter someone asked if he was kicked out by TNC because of TI7’s unsatisfactory results, then Kipspul answered no and this is really his personal decision. .

Prior to joining TNC, Kipspul was also an analyst for the Dota 2 Fnatic team from 2016 to early 2017.

Let’s just wait for which team Kipspul will anchor to next.