Today is the Last Day Register for MSI MGA Cup Indonesia 2017!

The Dota 2 Tournament with a concept that has never been implemented before in Indonesia has entered the last day of registration for open qualifications for all of Indonesia. The tournament is MSI MGA Cup Indonesia, and September 3, 2017, which falls on today is indeed the last day of registration!

For those of you who haven’t got any information about the MSI MGA Cup Indonesia 2017, duh, you missed it. MSI MGA Cup Indonesia 2017 is a Dota 2 tournament that will combine the concept of a battle between Dota 2 teams with the value of togetherness between the team and their fans into a competitive atmosphere but still relaxed and can be enjoyed together. If you want to see an example, Beyond The Summit has implemented this concept!

In the previous registration announcement article, MSI MGA Cup Indonesia 2017 has announced that the participants of this tournament are four teams, consisting of one invited team and three teams that passed the open qualification. The invited team has also been announced, where Rex Regum Qeon or used to be called RRQ will wait for the other three teams at the Main Event to fight for a total prize of IDR 30,000,000!

This tournament qualification itself will be divided into two phases, Open Qualification and Playoff. The open qualification will screen 8 teams that can survive challenges from other teams, where the 8 teams will fight each other in the Playoff phase to compete for three slots towards the Main Event which will take place on September 30, 2017 at Cre8 PIK Avenue.

Since it’s the last day, it’s better to just register – let’s take the opportunity to be part of a tournament that is being held for the first time in Indonesia! You also have the opportunity to register your team as part of MSI Gaming Indonesia, which you can see in the following link about Team Dragon!

Registration Form – – only open until 18.00 WIB!

Tournament Rules –