Tomorrow will ROG MASTERS 2017 begin, is it time for Optic Gaming to win?

Besides the Major and Minor who are always busy with schedules and are usually eagerly awaited by Dota 2 lovers, but don’t forget also other tournaments that are quite large and even the prizepool is not inferior to Minor, such as ROG Masters 2017 which will soon start its Main Event .

To be precise tomorrow, December 7 2017, ROG Masters will start its main round on LAN / Offiline in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Has received a total of 6 teams that will participate and fight with each other to win a total prize of $ 235,000 or the equivalent of 3.1 Billion Rupiah.

source, twitter @rogmasters

This cool event will run for four consecutive days from 7 to 10 December 2017. But how come there is something missing, oh yes, the talents who attended ROG Master 2017 also brought in famous esports celebrities such as Capitalist, Fogged , and many others.

source, twitter @rogmasters

During these four days, the six teams will fight first in the groupstage round. Don’t worry, no team will be eliminated in the Groupstage round. The function of the groupstage round is only to determine the position of who will get the semifinal and quarterfinal positions. This format is fairly fair because the playoffs do not provide a second chance for those who participate.


Their first match tomorrow will start around 9:00 WIB, you can watch it on ROG Masters’ official twitch channel here. Happy Watching guys 😀