Top 5 Best Passive Skills in Mobile Legends

Hi friends, Mobile Legends, on this occasion, let’s talk together about the 5 best passive skills that are owned by heroes in Mobile Legends! I wonder who is on TOP 5 hero which has Best Passive Skills? Check this out guys!

1. Balmond


Hero who owns skill passive which is quite helpful in laning, because hero this is unnecessary to use Where in issuing skill-so that we can freely use it skill every time and coupled with the existence HP Regen everytime he kills minion or Hero loh buddy!

He will get Regen HP equal to 4% of the total Maximum HP Balmond and also get it Regen HP equal to 10% of the total maximum HP when killed Hero. Let’s try to calculate with an example, if Balmond has a maximum HP amounting to 1050, maka:

When he killed minion:
1050 * 0.04 (4%) = +42

When he killed Hero:
1050 * 0.10 (10%) = +105

(Of course this number will continue to increase along with the effect item purchased as well as an increase in level hero )

2. Alucard


Hero who just got on update look this newest also has skill passive which really helps him in finishing off the opponent he is facing. After using skill, basic attack next will beteleport him to the opponent he was targeting.

If skill which is used only about 1 hero enemy, then damageit will increase by 1.2x from the total damage skill the. And if about 2 hero enemy, then damagedoubled by 1.1x the total damage from skill used.

3. Aurora

Pride of Ice

One of hero mage This woman who can be said to be quite new to Mobile Legends actually has skill passive which is quite dangerous, this is because skill passivity has a function disable which is very important.

Every time he uses skill, then it will add 1 bar of 4 bar which exist in Frost and can be seen at the bottom Mana Bar. When Frost Bar already full (already 4 bar), then skill to be issued next will cause Freeze on the hero who was hit and accompanied Extra Damage.

4. Cyclops

Starlit Hourglass

This hero, who has a cute and small body, actually has skill a troublesome and painful passive. That is if skill active which is used against the opponent or hero enemy, it will reduce cooldown all over skill active it has 0.5s.

5. Natalia

Assassin Instinct

This female hero is very often chosen for reasons other than because active skills provide enough damage big, but with effects skill passive which really helps in carrying out its functions assassin or roamer when 1 vs 1 occurs.

Passive skill:

  1. When doing attack from the back of the opponent, will add extra damage by 15%.
  2. If it is in bush (grass), for 2 seconds without receiving and dealing damage, it will go inside Stealth Mode (invisible / invisible) and can last for 5 seconds. This duration can be extended if Natalia passes / enters bush (grass)

Advantage Stealth Mode:

  1. add movement speed amounting to 20% of the total speed which are owned.
  2. Basic attack when it comes out of mode this will give you 35% extra damage.
  3. Enemies when hit attack first of the conditions stealth, will be exposed silence for 2 seconds and can’t use skill active.

Those are the 5 best passive skills in Mobile Legends, are they included in your flagship hero?