TOP Duelist Tournament: A Prestigious Event for the Best Hero Title

It is not uncommon that in this technological era, the field of sports has developed. Term e-Sport becomes one thing that is very familiar, especially for the customers Gamers. Para Gamers vying to participate in various competitions or tournaments organized by games their favorite. Even, e-Sport has started to be officially recognized in Indonesia.

One of games who helped enliven the world ofeSport-an is Triumph Over Pain or better known as TOP. Not long ago, TOP just held TOP Duelist Tournament; a prestigious tournament for TOP players to fight for the title of Best Hero!

The highlight of a tournament is of course the Final round. TOP fulfilled the curiosity of his loyal players by broadcasting the TOP Duelist Tournament Final round match live via Facebook Live Stream (

This match broadcast has reached thousands of TOP players and has been watched more than 250 times. The players who made it to the final round are ATLANTIS (Warlord) VS Gotzie (Arcane Illusionist). Difference Job each finalist made a lot of viewers start wondering who could be the winner of the TOP Duelist Tournament.

The victory of ATLANTIS (Warlord) made many cheers, especially for Warlord users. Coupled with the many opinions of players who believe that the Warlord character is not able to surpass Arcane Illusionist, where Warlord is a character who excels in melee attacks and Arcane is superior in long range attacks.

To the surprise of the audience, ATLANTIS managed to come out as the TOP Duelist Tournament Champion! Undoubtedly, the right strategy and technique is an important factor for ATLANTIS in winning this match. Even though the CP owned is smaller than its opponent, due to the right playing technique, ATLANTIS finally won the Best Hero title in this TOP Duelist Tournament.

For those who want to watch the Final match between ATLANTIS VS Gotzie, you can immediately check it here: TOP Duelist – Final Round [Live Stream]

Not only the TOP Duelist Tournament, in the near future TOP will again hold various exciting tournaments which certainly can strengthen the community between TOP players, as well as promote Indonesian e-Sport.

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