Top Kills FFML Season 2 Until Week 3, Here Are 5 Players!

FFML Season 2 has entered Week 4 starting this week, are you curious about the Top Kills players until now?

Free Fire athletes are known to be very talented in shooting, as well as their very creative ways.

Of the 18 teams that played, we took the 5 players with the most kills in FFML Season 2 to Week 3. Come see who is there!

PIW aura

One of the best shooters in the Aura Esports team managed to collect 33 Kills for 3 weeks.

The excellent cooperation between the Aura team made Aura Piw manage to collect a lot of kills.

Aura Amek

Again, the players from Team Aura managed to collect the most kills, namely 36 Kills for 3 weeks FFML Season 2.

Naturally, Aura Esports has managed to occupy the top position in Group B for the past few weeks.

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Evos MR05

This player from Evos Esports managed to collect 37 kills, with a difference of just 1 kills with Aura Amek.

With excellent teamwork, even being able to collect a hat-trick on matchday 6, Evos managed to occupy the top position.

BTR Maybee

Bigetron Bit, which has not shown a good game in FFML Season 2, turns out to save players with a lot of kills.

BTR Maybee managed to collect 38 Kills for 3 weeks, in Group C is still under Red Bull Rebellion.

Evos Sam13

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With total 42 Kills, Evos Sam13 is the player with the most kills in FFML Season 2.

Naturally, if Evos can race Red bull Rebellion on matchday 6 yesterday, if he has 2 players with a lot of top kills.

So what do you think guys? Do you agree with the data above? Who can catch up with Noah, huh?

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