Tracing the Nintendo Tournament in Indonesia in 1989, Is There?

The development of esports in the country has indeed developed massively in recent years. This is not only because of the Indonesian esports community, but the Indonesian government has started to recognize esports.

Of course, the development of esports in Indonesia took a long time and one of those moments was 16 years ago, when the Taman Anggrek Mall was used as a reserve for the World Cyber ​​Games (WCG) tournament in 2003.

But, long before esports developed as it is now, there were rumors about the journey of esports in Indonesia apparently starting in 1989, you know.

This is known from the Twitter account tweet @jessica_live on June 27, 2019.

The account uploaded a photo showing a banner welcoming participants in the Nintendo competition in 1989 which was held at the THR Surabaya Mall which is now called Hi-Tech Mall.

However, the account says that the photos it uploads cannot be ascertained if they are real or just edits. “But I don’t know what edits are right. Hahahhaa, “ wrote Purwanto Hasan, the owner of the @iambadung account.

East Java Nintendo Competition 1989.
Source: Twitter @Iambadung

Investigate, this photo was published by Indogamers on May 17, 2016 ago.

According to, who at that time contacted the relevant author, apparently the photo was obtained through the Facebook fanpage in 2016.

In addition to finding photos of the oldest esports tournament documentation, the history of eSports in Indonesia has actually developed since the appearance of several game tournaments in the 2000s.

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Where the internet has started to enter and several online games have begun to scatter in internet cafes.

The Indonesian esports journey starts from game tournaments in internet cafes to several big city malls.

According to Revival’s friend, is the photo genuine or is it just an edit? If it is original, it means that esports in Indonesia has indeed been accepted by many people for a long time, friend Revival.

Editor: Yubian Asfar