Trainer Mineski leaves, Chaos EC is back to make a makeover!

Changes in players to the teams Dota 2 seems to be getting hotter ahead of The International 9 qualification which will be held soon.

The latest news from the team Mineski, it seems they have to lose the figure of a coach where the Filipino team officially parted ways with Tang “71“Wenyi.

In a posts on our personal weibo account 71, he said the reason why he decided to leave Mineski.

Coach Mineski
Source: VPesports

“I’ve left Mineski. In fact, they are all good players, it was I who failed to carry out my role. Too, drafting me in the tournament was just so-so. Pure my fault, “he wrote.

Speaking of hindsight, there were actually a lot of achievements that Tang had done. “71“Wenyi carved with Mineski for 1.5 years of service.

But most memorable, it seems that when Mineski won the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018, at that time they managed to beat LGD Gaming with a score of 3-2.

Coach Mineski
Source: VPesports

Even so, Mineski has indeed been in declining quality lately. Apart from only being able to finish in the top 6 of StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2, Mineski is also certain to have to take part in the TI9 qualification due to the lack of DPC points he has.

Meanwhile, apart from the departure of coach Mineski, there have been more changes in the composition of the team made by Chaos Esports Club.

The team that previously managed to surprise their fans by signing off MATUMBAMAN it doesn’t seem to stop there.

This time, they announced the release of their 2 players namely hFn and Gunnar which according to information from Chaos EC, the two players have been training with the new team.

To replace Gunnar and hFn, Chaos EC doesn’t seem to need long. vtFaded and J4 was officially appointed to complete the 2 vacant positions left.

Source: Chaos EC

Cheng “vtFαded“Jia Hao is a player from Malaysia who can be said that this is the first time he will play in the European region.

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As for Alexei “j4“Lipai, Chaos EC will be the 13th team during his professional career as well as his first coaching career.

The new formation of the Chaos Esports Club

With the change of 2 new players and also the entry of the previous MATUMBAMAN, more and more fans are definitely looking forward to the tournament debut with new player compositions.

Editor: Yubian Asfar