Twitch Will Start Selling Games Soon

In February, Twitch announced that they would start selling games. And it turns out that they recently confirmed that. Loyal viewers who watch a stream on Twitch will later be able to purchase in-game content.

Yahoo Esports reports that in the future, streamers who partner with Twitch will automatically come out of a pop-up for this feature. What are the benefits of viewers who buy via Twitch?

Viewers will get Twitch Crate for free. Which will contain things related to Twitch like Emotes, Chat Badges, and Bits. And all of them are exclusive.

At its launch, it is estimated that there will be 50 games that get this one feature. Before later it will expand to other games. For those who have got certainty is For Honor.

For profit sharing, 70% will go to the developer while the streamer will only get 5%.