Two Big Bulba “Sins” in the Kiev Major, Lulba

Bulba is one of the players who has been poor in the pro scene of DOTA 2. When it comes to years, for DOTA 2 alone he has started his career since 2011. Starting from the EZ Style team then it only took one year for Bulba to enter the Evil Geniuses team. A giant team that is a separate force in esports, one of which is DOTA 2.

With all his experience, Bulba should be able to become one of the pillars that have a big influence on the team he is currently defending, namely Digital Chaos. However, it turns out that the sin he committed in the last match at the Kiev Major yesterday seemed to destroy Digital Chaos’ efforts to qualify for the next round, and even had to be willing to lift the suitcase quickly.

And here are 2 clips of how Bulba suddenly turned into Lulba:

One more.

It seems, Bulba will feel very, very sorry for the sins he committed yesterday. It looks like the one in the second clip. However, Bulba is still one of the players whose game is quite stable. And in DOTA 2, shit happen it could happen. Keep up the spirit, Bulba!