Two Latest Free Fire Weapon Stats, Add FF Stat Point What?

For now there are lots of new things, which all appear in the Free Fire game. Of course with the presence of this, surely we all will never be bored to play it. The updates that are presented in the Free Fire game too, are all very interesting and for sure you will never experience boredom. This time there are two new Free Fire weapon stats that you should know.

In this Free Fire game, there are lots of interesting things, so that we don’t get bored when playing it. Updates provided by Garena as well, all of them are very interesting to try. So don’t forget it when you are competing.

When you compete later, don’t forget to understand some of the types of Free Fire Weapons that exist today. Because by understanding this, it will be easier for us to compete. Henceforth too, surely you all shouldn’t forget things like this huh.

In addition, each weapon that is presented in the Free Fire game has a variety of different stat displays. Now the weapon’s stat will show, a potential and how strong the weapon is when it is used later.

So for now, we all have the latest 2 stats in the weapon game. If, for example, you are still confused about it, we will explain it to all of you of course. Curious? Immediately, we see in the article below.

Latest Free Fire Weapon Stats Armor Penetration

As we know in the newest first Free Fire weapon stats, Armor Penetration is a term that does exist in Free Fire. Even the character Hayato is one of the characters who has the ability to relate to Armor Penetration.

Now for now, the latest Free Fire weapon stats on this weapon are where Armor penetration is capable, destroying armor very quickly when shot at the enemy. If for example the enemy’s armor shattered very quickly, of course we can kill him easily.

Armor penetration has finally appeared in each of the weapons nowadays, so this way it can be very helpful whether the weapon is suitable and quickly destroys or not. For now, you must immediately check each of the mainstay weapons.

Latest FF Weapon Stats Movement Speed

Yup, for this section we definitely know the meaning of the latest Free Fire weapon stats, movement Speed ​​is one of the things where we can show that our moving speed is very fast. But the movement speed shown on this weapon is different in total.

So for the latest Free Fire weapon stats, this shows our speed in running when you use these weapons. For now also the lightest weapons are Melee and Pistol. But usually if you want to run faster, just use Melee weapons right now.

So that the running speed can be faster than before. The Movement Speed ​​of each weapon is different, so you have to know how much movement speed your weapon has.

Each stat in the Free Fire weapon has different contents. So we also have to be able to understand the mechanics and stats of these weapons. Because things like this later, become one of the things that is pretty good to win in that match.

That’s all about the latest Free Fire weapon stats that we will discuss this time, Thank you and Regards, Booyah.

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