Ultra Space Battle Brawl, a Local Game in the 2020 Esports Presidential Cup!

At the 2020 Esports Presidential Cup, the local game that was successfully selected to be contested was Ultra Space Battle Brawl.

The Ultra Space Battle Brawl game at the 2020 Esports Presidential Cup has a total cash prize of IDR 50 million. Of course, Revival’s friends are curious about what kind of game Ultra Space Battle Brawl is, and who is the game maker.

Ultra Space Battle Brawl
Source: Pialapresiden

Ultra Space Battle Brawl is a game made by Toge Production which was born from the creative hands of Mojiken Studio.

Ultra Space Battle Brawl has been released on Steam for both Windows and MacOS. This game combines Pong with a genre fighting which is where 2 characters will compete in a game of throwing the ball with the aim of destroying crystals in the opponent’s base.

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Apart from the mechanics that can’t be said to be “easy”, this game has a visual appearance with a retro pixel art style.

Ultra Space Battle Brawl
Source: Steam

With a distinctive retro look to SEAGA Genesis, Ultra Space Battle Brawl is dominated by neon colors such as purple, orange and yellow.

Not only a game, Ultra Space Battle Brawl is also a medium for spreading Indonesian culture with soundtrack in game Indonesian specialties, namely Dangdut Koplo.

This game gets enough positive value from game critics, where this game is recommended to be played with friends while relaxing.

Editor: Yubian Asfar